Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring in a 6pack and a Secret Garden

I am still ignoring the cold and rain.  Today it is cloudy but dry.  The sun keeps trying to peek out but the air has a definite chill to it.  As I fed my hens this morning all I could think was ‘brrrr’.

For all those waiting, here is the update on my chicks.  Sadly, I lost another one, the one that was the weakest from the beginning and it did not surprise me to have her succumb.  Fortunately, I was not at home and my hubby got the privilege of giving her a decent burial.

On the upswing, the remaining 4 are hale and hearty.  Their wings are already displaying how pretty they will be.


Can you see the striations of color?  Three chicks are noticeably larger than one and I am hoping that does not mean the larger are roosters.  I would like one rooster or maybe even two but not three, that would leave me only one hen.  Not that I couldn’t get another clutch of eggs to hatch if I needed to. 

I mentioned a sign design I had racketing around in my brain.  I finally got it to a point I could share and I am thrilled with how it is turning out.  Better than I had imagined, in fact. 


I love the gothic lettering.  The curves on the wood softens the overall effect and the tiny rosebuds painted on a just a couple letters gives it the Pam touch. 


Here it is displayed on my potting bench.


Since I have been suffering from Spring withdrawals I bought myself some Spring!  I call it “Spring in a 6pack”.  I fell in love with this combo of colors.


I think the tag called it Pumpkin Spice.


I need to pot them up into either a planter or individual larger pots.  I will see what I have in the greenhouse to do the job.

  They smelled so lovely as they sat beside me on the drive home from the nursery/feed store. They made the sun shine (in my heart) even while it poured rain!

Now, back to the studio for me.  I just thought I would pop in here and share a bit of Spring and a chickie update.


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  1. Awww! Baby chicks are so sweet. We used to raise baby ducks every few years when I was little. They'd spend the Spring in a large bird case in our front hall until they were big enough to head out to their house outside. Very fond memories of raising them.

  2. Those are cute baby chicks. I hope the rest make it. I got mine yesterday. I forgot how adorable they are. I love the sign. It's amazing and I love your potting bench too. The pansies are lovely, my favorite flower.

  3. Looks like you'll need to hatch more eggs. Sounds like three roos. I love your secret garden sign and your bench. So cute!

  4. Loving the baby chicks! Love the secret garden sign and the pumpkin spice six pack!!
    Have a great day!

    -Kim :)

  5. I can not wait to go and get some pansies. I know they are in the store now. The weatherhas turned cold again after a week or so of record breaking temps in the 80s. It just needs to warm up just a little bit to be able to work out there. I would love to have chickens. I have to make room first though and then I may consider it. We live in town and are allowed to have hens not roosters, fine by me. I had chickens when we lived in the country but it was not a huge success at that time. I would do better now I think. Anyway, I hope your little ones turn out to be hens.

  6. Its snowing!!!!! ack and I was going to get my pansies today............

  7. Charming post. I love the little ones. I went to the feed and supply store yesterday and there were baby chickens and ducks. I wanted them all. We need some new layers but the ones that we wanted were all sold out. So, I must wait for a few weeks.
    I love the close up photo of the babies.
    Also love the sign. It's beautiful! You do such nice work.
    Take care. It will warm up soon. We had a lovely day today... in Jackson.

  8. I love your potting bench. Such a great piece.

    Your chicks are precious. We have a new set of chicks we are raising to add to our others. So nice having fresh eggs!

    Nice visiting with you tonight.

  9. Your bench and the way you have it decorated is just so nice & spring-like! Love it!

  10. Stopped over after spotting your potting bench linked up, which is awesome by the way, but had to leave a comment to a fellow "chicken-er".



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