Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Best of Backwoods 2011

As this year is winding down to its final hurrah I am attempting to get a list compiled of what I need to accomplish (or would like to accomplish) in the coming months. 
This month marked the 1st anniversary of this blog.  My how time flies!  And do you know the most popular post of all here? 

The building of my studio..

It has been so popular that we posted the plans as others wish to build one for themselves.  These are not your run of the mill plans but a step by step for the novice builder. 


Many of you also enjoyed the inside look at my studio.  This is the tidied up version.  The before shot of this post is what it looks like a good portion of the time.


In third place was the building of the potting bench..


Not far behind was the transformation of a plain piece of linoleum into a Tuscan Floor cloth.

aaat2006 004

But my favorite (which did not make it even into the top ten of my readers picks) is my Pottery Barn Clock knockoff..


I am currently working on some Farmhouse sign designs, it seems Farmhouse style is all the rage this year.  I have some vintage type fruit signs rattling around in my head and other farmhouse staples like Fresh Eggs, Farmers Market and all that..I need to get them painted up and listed on my website. 

  If you have any suggestions of what would you would like to see or may be a good one just let me know, I am all ears. 

Until next time…ta ta

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  1. I admit it--I'm so jealous, but I love coming to your blog to drool just a little. Your creativity and inspiration shows through all your projects! I love it when you post! Have a great and Happy New Year!

  2. Great job. I would love to have a studio. Ahh the things I could create with more room!

  3. I can see why it would be your popular post! What an awesome little studio!

  4. The floor cloth was my absolute favorite and the clock second. I adore both. The workshop shed is a dream for any doer, but I love the paint quality of the cloth.

  5. What a great studio space - I'm so jealous! All of your projects are so beautiful - thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi Pamela, I am one of those that loved your studio. Such a fun place. I think your clock is gorgeous too. Can't wait to see what creativeness you have to share with us this year. Wishing you the best!

  7. Pam, Thank you so much for your concerned comment you left on my pallet post. I had no idea. I did some of my own research and updated the post with a warning as well as a link that I found about the dangers of pallets. You are not a negative nancy at all. I'm so glad I discovered this info before putting my family in danger. Thank you.

  8. You do such gorgeous work, Pam! Thanks for dropping by too! If you ever want to do a guest post, let me know :)

  9. I so want your little building!!!!! Maybe someday !

  10. Found you at Saturday Night Special and so glad I did. I love all the projects you show here and am now your newest follower!


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