Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Life is Good!

Good Wednesday morning to you!  The sun is shining and though a tad chilly out at 26 degrees it is lovely none the less.


I even treated myself to some violas to put in pots on the deck to enjoy.  The sweet scent of Spring they emit was a pleasure to savor on the drive home as they sat in the seat next to me. 


This past week has been fun.  Busy, busy  but fun.  We have enjoyed endless sunshine with cold temps but if you dress for it you can be outside comfortably.  Which I have been outside quite a bit. 

 We have been getting things cleaned up after some windy weather last week that took down large trees around the county.  Smashing houses, taking down power lines and causing havoc.   Big Trees State park was hit hard.  The ticket kiosk as you drive into the park gives a hint of damage done county wide.

I have been painting on signs as usual.  The orders arrive in spurts.  I had a lull in orders last week and used the time to organize in the studio again.  When I am working I seem to toss things hither and thither rather than methodically put them where they belong.

A special order sign I completed.


Last Friday was a day of errand running and getting some shopping done.  I am not a shopper, to me it is a waste of valuable time, it is a necessary evil only.  But I was able to finally get my Kreg Jig kit.  I have been drooling over it for months now and I patiently waited so that alone made my day of shopping seem worthwhile.

Now I can build my work table in the studio.  I have the legs and support members cut, now I am putting the base coat of paint on before I assemble.

Today I will go buy the 2 x 6’s for the aprons.  I am working on it as I paint signs so I must juggle things around in the studio.  I am building it in the studio as it is heated, our garage is not.  I will be sure to share photos of it when it is done. 

custom pink rose cottage

I also worked on an easy fleece scarf.  I crocheted some daisies to add to it.  I call it my Crazy Daisy scarf.  My husband says it looks more like something Kermit the Frog would wear.  I like it, despite his humor, it is so toasty warm and the bright green with flowers make it Spring like!


I was going to sew on the flowers but decided to use a fabric glue instead, it worked really well.  I should try to get a photo of it on me.  Maybe I will soon.  Too busy today!  Until next time…


Transformation Thursday


  1. Those violas are adorable! But, wow - the tree damage must be horrible there. Sorry you've had such bad winds. Cheryl's (or George's) sign is too funny!

  2. Wow that tree through the kiosk is amazing! I love your green scarf!


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