Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Another week gone by!

Hello my friends.  I have been neglectful of keeping in touch but so life goes.  Instead of writing in the evening I have been indulging in back issues of my English Garden magazine.

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In the Spring and Summer I am so busy in my garden that I barely skim the pictures found inside so this time of year I go back and read every article, make lists of new (to me) plants and a wish list of seeds and/or plants to purchase to test in my own cottage garden.

I would love to get myself or build myself a glass house like this.

Victorian Terrace

(sigh) one can dream.

During the days I have been busy painting custom order signs.  I know I said I would not accept any orders for Christmas after Thanksgiving but I caved on some that seemed easy enough. This one was especially enjoyable, it just seemed to flow.


This one was not so easy and I ended up painting over the design, it just was not right, I think when I changed the color of the water it changed the feel, the original color was a more blue green which fit rest of the scene better.


A winter scene painting/sign, it still needs the wording.


This one will get shipped out today.


I have also been working outside, cleaning up areas, adding chicken debris to flower beds and at the base of roses.  Each day has started quite chilly, in the mid 20’s but the afternoons are quite mild for working outside in.  The sun has been bright most days and I am thankful we are not covered in a blanket of snow yet.  That will come soon enough but until then I will make the most of the bare ground and clear skies to get my garden areas ready for next Spring.

My husband and I enjoy cooking together and we have been testing new recipes to add to our repertoire.   We made an awesome chili Verde this past week that was to die for, with it we made a Spanish rice with organic brown rice.  It turned out quite tasty as well. 

Last night we tested a meatless recipe.  Now my husband is a self professed hardened CARNIVORE so going meatless is not something he is fond of, but he was game to try this. 

Southwest Pinto Bean Burgers with Chipotle Mayonnaise

We had made a batch of homemade burger buns the day before (love the dough setting on my bread machine) and we used home cooked beans instead of canned (1 1/2 cups equals what is in the can). 

The result was quite tasty though I think I would add more salt to the mixture and even my husband thought it satisfying enough.   I look forward to the leftovers for lunch today. 

I had better get off here and get to work.  There is plenty on my plate today and I need to get crackin’.
Ta ta for now…

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