Tuesday, December 27, 2011

More of our trip.

We are home refreshed and getting back into our regular routine.  I have been painting signs and getting ready to ship them while catching up on cleaning and laundry.

I have more photos to share of the Conservatory and a few from the Academy of Sciences.  It was difficult to get really good photos at the academy  but it really needs to be visited in person to get the full benefit anyways. 

In my last post I shared photos of the orchids primarily but the bromeliads were just as colorful and interesting.  The room they are housed in has a large pond centered in it and filled with aquatic plants. 


Bromeliads and carnivorous plants overflow tables, pots and hang from faux trees. Some have blooms and others have vivid foliage that is lovely.


A Pitcher plant..


Who needs flowers when you have fuchsia pink foliage…




Did you know that the Pineapple is a bromeliad?  The first ever cultivated or so the docent said.  If you look close you can see a pineapple growing in there.


So many interesting shapes of blooms.


And combination of colors



See the water held in the center?  In the wild frogs place their babies in there along with some extra eggs for them to nosh on as they grow, high up in the rain forest canopy.   The darker pink ring is actually the water line. 




This lily pad hanging from the ceiling is a casting of the one they have in the pond normally, right now it is dormant but they said this past summer it bloomed a least 15 times.  It is 8 feet across. 


You see the pink flower beside it?  When it first opens up it is white, then certain beetles land on it, it closes around them but does not harm them, and when it opens back up and lets them free it is then pink.  They do not know why. 

Some of the plants you may recognize as they are commonly as house plants. 


I know, you have had enough of plants.  Well, how about an albino alligator.  This was one of the decent photos I got at the Academy.  At first he just does not look real, you stare and stare at him until he moves.  An interesting critter.


The waxy green frogs are aptly names, they remind you of silly putty.



Nice big rattlesnakes.


And lots of butterflies in the greenhouse dome. 


You get the picture of how diverse the Academy is, an aquarium also filled with the most interesting creatures.  I found the sea anemones much like under water flowers. so bright and colorful. 

Well, that is all I have time to share this morning, time to get to work around here.  More signs to paint and I am finally getting around to building my painting table!  I hope.  At least it is on my list today.

Have a great day!


  1. So glad I stopped by! I learned so much from this post. Now you have me really wondering about that white bloom turning to pink after catching a beetle thing! I was not expecting the albino alligator and almost jumped out of my seat! Thanks for the tour!

  2. wow, i love your banner & hens. your photos remind me of visiting the Botanic Gardens in Washington DC ... but it's a tiny place. there are no alligators there ....

  3. Very beautiful & Interesting pics ! Thanks for sharing ! Happy New Year !

  4. Great pictures! I'm looking forward to heading up there some time this year. Have you ever been to the Huntington Botanical Gardens down south? Absolutely beautiful.


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