Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I am not ready for FALL!

I am barely getting my summer going and you get hit with FALL advertising everywhere you turn. Some may be more than ready for Autumn to arrive.  With all the unrelenting heat many have endured I am sure it will be a sigh of relief. 
But I am just getting to enjoy my summer, the garden is just catching up after a very cool June and beginning of July.  To be blasted with Fall decorating in stores is a shock to the system and it just reminds me that all too soon I will be shoveling out just to get anywhere. Shudder!

Just outside my front door last February, can we say 3 feet overnight!


I like not having to wear layers of heavy clothing, being able to flit in and out of the house without freezing my sweet patooties off and not waking up to a boat load of white stuff to shovel. 

I love digging in the dirt, wandering my garden at first light, cup of coffee in my hand, finding the latest bloom or just sitting amongst the flowers and breathing in the sweet scent. 

Okay, rant over.  I just was overwhelmed with the oranges, browns and scarecrows as I shot thru JoAnn’s yesterday to purchase some paint colors I had run short on.  Of course, all the back to school advertising is just as disheartening (my kids are grown and gone but hearing the back to school ads makes it seem like summer is over). 
This past week has been a blur, but I will share my latest endeavor.  I have been running like a mad woman all summer (or so it seems) and my studio has suffered.

 You all remember my studio…


For the past few weeks I have run in, paint then run out again and it was looking much too shabby.  From the outside all looks serene(I use the sheers as my screen door, they do a great job keeping the bugs out)


But once you step in the door, it is another story! Chaos.


No surface is spared the clutter


I have a few special orders to get done this week but I just could not work in this anymore.  So I spent most of the day working on it.  Between base coating some boards for signs, I hauled out bare boards, replaced the table, and scrubbed everything, floors, window sills, windows.  I am pleased with the result.  Ta Da!


I even potted up some Pothos starts I had in a mason jar.  That has got to be the toughest plant alive!


My little sink is behind the door, I want to put a skirt around it so I can hide items underneath but that is for another day!

Now to the other side, my base painting and packaging area.  Tidied up and ready to get back to work!


I love having so much natural light.


The view out the French doors is not bad either.


A more overall shot.


It seems to go by fast in this post but believe me it took me the majority of the day to get this whipped into shape and there is a wee bit more to do yet.   But that will be for another day, tomorrow I must paint. 
The weather has been fabulous, low to mid-80’s with a soft breeze to cool you off when you have been hustling around.  Just perfect.

I did get a sign worked on a bit…I can finish it tomorrow with the varathane


Next post I will share the latest blooms. I have some new ones that are just great!
Now I am whooped and ready get some rest.  Good night all!


My paintings and signs are here

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  1. oh I so agree with you Pamela!! Summer is too short and I can close my eyes and see those hugh snowdrifts!! Wonderful studio-looks perfect!! Is it winterized?

  2. Oh, I love your studio and want one; even an old potting shed would do. I am ready for fall; my grass is burnt, crunchy to walk on; tired of upper 90's temps and sometimes 3 digits; the "water police" in the community is ridiculous here--and soon all the fall festivals start--loving that. Have a great day in your beautiful cottage setting.

  3. Hi Pam! I hope you are doing well! I have to say that I am ready for fall, I am tired of the heat and humidity but I do hope that summer lasts a bit longer for you. Your studio looks great and reminds me that I have a lot of work to do in mine. ugh!

  4. I love your little creative cottage! I would love to have a cute studio space some day!

  5. What a great space...such a cute cottage!

  6. I am so envious of your little cottage....it's totally dreamy!!

  7. Pamela; I just had such a nice time reading your post. I want to be spoiled like you! I've always wanted my own shed out back that I could make my studio (well ideally it would be a barn but hey...). I'm going to be your newest follower. Stop by my blog and visit sometime I'd love to have you.


  8. You have a great creative space and it must feel good to get it organized again.

  9. Great job getting all organized. I just love your studio. Man I need to have a looooooooooong talk with Santa Claus...I have been a good girl this year. That studio would be perfect in my backyard. :-)


  10. I love your studio!!! Yep, that is how mine looks too. Then just like you..all the sudden I can't work in the mess another second! I always promise myself to keep it clean, then I never do it! LOL

  11. What a BEAUTIFUL space to work in!!

  12. Wow... What an amazing space! I would love a little cottage to work out of. Beautiful!

    I get worked up every time I walk through JoAnn's, Michael's. Is it really time to get the Halloween stuff out already? Can't we just enjoy the rest of summer?

  13. What an amazing workroom. I would take that space cluttered and all. LOL I love all your little signs hanging about to. What a wonderful place to spend the day.

  14. I love this work space! I bet it is relaxing to have your own little place to hang out and craft! It looks like so much fun! I would love one!

  15. What a wonderful space! I love it in all creative states. I could spend hours looking around and see something new and wonderful each and every time.

  16. What a dream space to create! I'm going over to check out your plans and find more photo's... LOVE IT!!!!

  17. O MY GOODNESS!! I just love your studio...I would never leave :-)

  18. I am so with you on so many levels - NOT ready for fall yet and TOO much clutter in my crafting quarters. Must be my ADD - involved with more than 1 thing at a time! But such a lovely view you have from your studio and SO nice to close the door and walk away when you're finished for the day :) Just popping in to say hi from Sarah's Summer Love party ~ Diane

  19. Sooo not loving that picture of snow!! UGH!!! I am NOT looking forward to winter coming either... but love your charming little studio! Thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday! :)


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