Monday, August 29, 2011

Summer is still Glorious in N. California!

Another fabulous summer day here in N. California, mid to upper 80’s for the highs and mid 50’s for the lows.  You can’t ask for better weather. 

I have been a painting fool the past week. But it has been well worth it, my goal was to finish up my sign orders before leaving this week for the Strawberry Music Festival held up by Yosemite and I made it (I don’t leave for Yosemite until Wednesday). 

 Here are the signs/paintings I worked on for one order:

I had to take the photo of them while they were still lying on the table as they were still wet with varathane and I wanted to get the photo sent off to the customer.  I want to do individual photos of the signs before I ship them out but you get the drift with these photos.  I am told most of these will be placed in the garden they are having built/planted for their daughters which will have a fairy garden, a tea garden and the Secret Garden sign will be at the front garden gate. 

Sounds like a garden I would dearly love to see.  The most challenging sign to do what the Fairy Village sign, I had not tried to paint fairies before.  This is a little bit better shot of it.


I have also worked on other orders, like this EAT sign. I like the way it turned out and plan on doing one to put on my website.


The red is darker in real life, for some reason my camera does not capture reds true.  I also worked on this Cherries sign but I am not done with it.  It needs something, like FRESH put up above the CH area or some kind of trim.  I am not sure yet but it will come to me.  This one is for my website, so I can play with it a bit yet. 


This sign is a good one and I will be doing some for my website for sure, I like the rhyme.


I spent most of Saturday cleaning up in my greenhouse and repotting up plants along with other yard clean up.  One plant that really needed potting up to a larger pot was many of my English Delphiniums, the ones on the  right had been potted up a couple weeks ago, what a difference between them and the ones on the left, they are all the same age but the ones on the right are decidedly larger…the effects of more room to grow and fresh soil.  They all should’ve been repotted weeks ago but I just have not had the time. 


My garden is still flourishing and I am enjoying every second I can outside.  My oriental lilies are blooming, love the sweet, sweet scent.


I let my hens out to enjoy a bit of garden time as well.


I keep an eye on them so they don’t become destructive in their quest for delicious bugs to gobble up.  Hmm, must be a really good lookin’ bug under there.


My Echinaceas are looking pretty good right now as well. 


Lots to enjoy yet as summer starts to wind down.  Maybe by the end of September I can actually think about enjoying Fall, no leaves are beginning to turn here so not even a whiff of Fall type weather or foliage.  Summer is still with us, Glory Be!


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  1. Your signs are beautiful Pam and what a fun trip you have planned! It is starting to feel like fall here in Michigan, the leaves are starting to turn and the temps are dropping, although we have some warm days this week but then next some won't even hit 70. Enjoy your garden and have a great trip!

  2. Love that EAT sign!! And your girls looks so health and happy. Enjoy all the beauty of where you is 110 degrees again today and I am done with it! :)Bring on fall!

  3. Love the signs. You do them so well.
    I live in Jackson, CA. and it's finally starting to cool just a bit. I'm ready...

  4. Your echinacea, stargazers and signs are reallly lovely! I especially ejoyed seeing your creative and beautiful signs.

  5. Everything is winding up here and your garden is still going strong and beautifully so.

  6. I love all the signs!!!! I am so jealous of your pretty flowers!!!
    since the summer is winding down here in Alberta, it will be nice to be able to see all the flaunts both past and present from all those who get to garden year round. I made FF open to photos from past gardens for those who are in climates that stink on ice like mine! lol
    Thank you so much for linking in this week...and for flaunting with me. I look forward to many more flaunts from you!
    Friday's Flaunts are a privelage for me to host. I love getting to be inspired by some of the most wonderful gardeners I have ever had the privelage of "knowing"
    ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.

  7. I also forgot to tell you I shared your post today with my facebook page!

  8. Your signs are wonderful! Love your flowers and your chickens...two of my favorite things! Have a great weekend, Esther

  9. love signs like these you did a great job come see me at

  10. The signs are so cute. I WANT some chickens...ok..just a live Rooster would do!
    And your flowers are fantastic! But it's those chickens... :)


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