Saturday, August 6, 2011

August in full bloom!

July flew by in a whirlwind.  This time of year always flits past me at the speed of light, or so it seems.  Mostly because it is my favorite time of year, there is always something new in my garden to enjoy.  I almost never get a full day to just spend in the garden, I only get to work in it a bit each morning and sometimes in the evening so it is never the neat and tidy affair but I love it none the less. It reflects my life, a little chaotic but it sure is colorful!

Here is a shot of my front garden…full of black eyed susies, daisies, English delphiniums, lilies, cranesbill geraniums, roses and hollyhocks. 


One thing I do love is when flowers cross pollenate then create their own unique variety.  This is a cross of lavender and a purple/blue larkspur.  I love surprises.


The proud parents.


My Princess Margareta roses are starting to really put on their show.   Such a peachy color!


My leopard lilies. 


And my fragrant trumpet lilies, these will perfume half the neighborhood once they open fully. 


This is an Asiatic lily that is a self cross of two varieties.  Before I got the Asiatic Lilies I did not know that they will readily self propagate by seeds.  I have dug up and moved tons of these.


Some consider this a weed as it grows along roadsides and will self sow but I love the pop of bright fuchsia in my garden.  This is Rose Campion, some folks mistake it for Lambs Ear because of the fuzzy leaves…


This is the flower of the lambs ear, it is quite different.

Lamb's Ear Blossoms

  Below is one of my English Delphiniums. They are starting to flop over so I need to stake them. 


I have a ton of Milky Way morning glories that have come up between my tomato plants, the birds must’ve spread the seeds last Fall for me. 


Close up of the flower..


I finished a few signs this past week, here is a set ordered for a Christmas gift.  A very smart Grandma, getting a jump on her holiday shopping.



Here is the progress shot of one of my painted chairs, it is at a point where I am doubting whether or not I am going to like it, that happens a lot to me in the middle of a project.  But I force my way thru the ugly and when it is done I usually like it, though I am definitely changing the painting on the back rest, I don’t like the lay out.  The seat is okay.  This is just the base painting, the white blobs will be lovely roses soon. 


I don’t know if I will get to finish them this coming week.  I have quite a few special orders signs to complete and ship out and we are going on a weekend trip. With leaving Thursday my week is shortened considerably.   

Another lovely day is winding down.  We have had a fabulous couple of days with the high temp being barely in the 80’s with the sweetest cool breeze.  Made for a great time this afternoon potting up Japanese Maple trees I had started from seed, as well as some English Delphiniums and a couple roses, one I had started from a cutting and the other was a gift from my mom, I have wanted an Eden rose for the longest time and she found one for me.  I dug up some Black Eyed susies for a gardening friend as well. 

I had to get out and work off a fabulous lunch of a big ol’ bacon burger and fries at Just Delicious café.  It was so tasty, I have not had a good burger in a very long time.  Good evening to one and all…until we meet again. Ta
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  1. Your flower bed is wonderful! I love that messy, chaotic, cheerful look. I need to look for Rose Campion, as I don't have it. It looks beautiful.

  2. Thank you letting us enjoy your beautiful flower garden. Everyone's here has burned up due to the intense heat we are having.

  3. I agree, summer goes by much to quickly! You have a beautiful garden. Love the variety of colorful flowers!

  4. Gorgeous garden! Such wonderful color

  5. Your flowers are beautiful, love the ones that "did their own thing":@)

  6. I love the rose, the lily...oh heck...I love it all...thanks for linking in this week. I shared it on the tootsie time facebook...I do love that rose though...*)
    ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.

  7. Your morning glories and delphinums are so beautiful, Pamela! Love your front garden too. Your garden looks fresh and beautiful in late August.
    Blessings, Beth

  8. Your garden is lovely! I, too, love it when flowers have a mind of their own ;)

  9. Lovely flowers in your garden. Summery and bright.

  10. Your morning glory is beautiful! Such a lovely garden!

  11. Thank you so much for sharing your post at Cottage Flora Thursday's! i love the Rose Campion - such a vibrant & charming flower in the garden! xoox, tracie

  12. You've got some gorgeous blooms. That Larkspur cross is beautiful and so are those Lilies. Your front garden is looking so pretty with all those lovely flowers.

  13. You've created a typical English cottage style garden and it's lovely. Plants that change slightly with the help of pollinators are a welcome addition.
    The chair you're working on looks like it will be pretty when completed.

  14. Your garden area is so colorful, you have some great plants in there! I wouldn't mind that Rose Campion selfseeding it's little heart out around here. Your chair is going to be so pretty, cool signs too.

  15. What a lovely, lovely garden. All the colors work so well together. And the lilies, oh, I can only imagine their fragrance when they open. Ours are done for the season already, and I miss them. Rose campion is such a pretty flower, I will have to see about planting some around here. The signs and the chair are amazing too, how I could use your talent here with my projects.


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