Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Decluttering my life.

If you had missed me at all it is because I had taken a respite from the computer.  Not entirely as I am completely addicted to online scrabble via email.  But I did stop reading blogs, writing on mine or thinking of what next to write about.


Life has crept in. Real life.  I love to log my activities but sometimes trying to photo journal them takes away from the speed in which you can get them done.  Plus you really did not want a blow by blow of what I have been up to.  So a synopsis will do with some flower photos. 


Thanksgiving day I sewed, I had set aside that day as my own to dive into some projects at my sewing machine I had been dying to try.  I promise to share what I made soon but not today.


By Friday I was ready to get back to putting the final touches on custom signs ordered from my website and get them ready to ship.  It is so nice now not to have any special orders on the table, it gives me time to focus on some other things I really need to get done. 


Like clearing out clutter.  Getting unnecessary items cleared out is very freeing but it takes some focus, time and dedication to see it thru.  Sometimes I can cling to non essential things that start piling up and eventually getting in the way.  Especially when you live in a small cottage type home. 


Saturday we enjoyed the fine weather. It reached 64 degrees here and was oh so sunny.  Sunday was filled with family and friends, cooking, eating and just enjoying each others company. 


Monday I spent the day clearing out clutter, all day and cleaning.  I wrapped signs to ship then pasted the labels on.   We took our walk to the lake to stretch our legs and to enjoy what was reportedly one of the last days of mild temps.  The lake was placid, the ducks foraging madly and a few fish were jumping. 


Tuesday, I had to take our truck to get smogged, chicken feed to pick up, signs to ship and boxes of stuff for the thrift shop (my decluttering).  In the afternoon I had my nephews and spent the rest of the day entertaining and enjoying them. 


Today has been spent trying to organize photos, get them backed up to an external drive and renamed.  I cannot tell you how boring that is, no wonder I have put it off for so long but in the end they will be easily found (or so the theory goes) when and if I need them. 

I need the taste of spring/summer the flowers of this post give, I have been freezing today.  It is much colder out, the wind today is frigid but mostly it is just me, it is just one of those days when I am cold from the inside out. 


  1. Decluttering in a small home is absolutely necessary. If I don't do a clearing once in a while I find myself drowning in "stuff".
    I like to do this before the holidays and just after when taking down the Christmas decor. It's like a new beginning
    Enjoy the holidays knowing that the hard work was all worth it.

  2. Those sweet peas are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Here in Arizona it is only going to get in the 50s for the next couple of days. Don't know for sure if my tomatoes are going to make it. There are a lot of them.


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