Friday, November 11, 2011

TGIF, it’s one of THOSE days!

Happy Friday! 

I thought I would start with a positive note since this day has been rather a wash.

I have come down with a cold and that makes for a fuzzy brain and a fuzzy brain = stupid mistakes.  Despite feeling like going to bed with a book and reading the day away I have attempted to press on with getting my scheduled tasks completed. 

 Bad idea.

I did get some signs finished yesterday though I was stuffy and sniffily.  Not until I went to send photos to the customers did I realize I had painted the wording wrong on one of them.

This was supposed to say Beach Stone Cottage…now I have to sand it off and do it again. 


But I am thankful that the wording was above the painting and not on it, fixing it is much easier this way.  I also finished a couple other signs.



At least I did not err on these.  Two out of three isn’t bad.

Last week my husband and I finally made the trip to the DMV to renew our California drivers licenses after moving back over a year ago.   We received our new drivers licenses in the mail yesterday and to say my photo is disappointing is an understatement.  Quite frankly I look like I should be riding a broom.

 But on the up side, my husband’s looks worse.   He usually takes a decent photo but this one is BAD.   We both got a good laugh out of them. 

Today has turned rainy, it is melting the residual snow on my back deck so I am all for a rainy day.   I should park my sorry self on the couch and crochet or something that I can’t mess up too royally.  The past few evenings I have crocheted up quite a few flower motifs for my scarf.  Here is some getting blocked.


I attempted to get another kitchen cabinet door painted but in my brainlessness I slapped on a coat of Devon Cream color instead of White.  No worries, I was going to do a couple coats anyways so this one will be the undercoat. 

I did decide to call it a day in trying to accomplish anything more after that one.  So now I am lounging on my couch, writing you all a note as I sniffle and sneeze.  I really should get up and take a Sudafed, I think it would help.

Oh, I remember something I got done today with success.  I was able to base paint my work table legs…you remember my worktable project..


This photo only shows three but I do have all four legs cut and base painted. 


I have to reorganize my studio to be able to build the rest of the table, I have things in such a chaotic muddle there is no room to move around much.  I may have to build it in the living room like we did our Farm Table.

The other successful endeavor has been making chicken in gravy over mashed potatoes for lunch.  Comfort food sounded heavenly and it sure was.  Dinner will be my husbands job and knowing him he will make spaghetti, he loves spaghetti and he does a fine job making it.

So I shall sit back here, dig up my crochet hook and work on either my shawl or the flower scarf.  The shawl pattern requires more brain power so I may have to default to the easier flower motif.

Happy Rainy Friday all….until next time!


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  1. I love the painting, it is soo beauitful. I love anything to do witht the beach. Your crochet flowers are so pretty. You are truly an artist.

  2. It muust have been the day yesterday. I sometimes think it would be a better day if I stayed in bed. Have accomplished to clog up the drain to my kitchen sink and dishwasher. Spent half the day trying to fix it. Was up a 2:30 working on it and now have a joint leaking in the basement so guess I need to call for help. Hate that.

    Pamela sorry you aren't feeling well but yes fuzzy head does cause for stupid mistakes. Hope the cold is better and you get back on track. Love you flower motif.

  3. It is a good thing that the wording on the one painting was above and not on. They all look great. We just returned from a trip to Sri Lanka and nothing seemed to go right -- I sprained my ankle, hubby lost his sunglasses, my youngest son lost his prescription glasses in the Indian Ocean, then the next day he was throwing up, our flight was delayed and then all our luggage was put on another flight ... just seemed to be one thing after another. My oldest son has lost his voice and he wasn't even sick to begin with. Hope your cold is getting better. Sometimes it is best just to sit back, relax, breathe and crochet. :) Have a great rest of the weekend. Tammy

  4. Hi Pamela, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one to make silly mistakes. Hope you can fix that Beach sign. I liked your quote about "dancing in the rain" so much that I posted it on Facebook.
    Take care,

  5. Even feeling lousy, you are still plowing forward with your projects - it's hard to stay down long, I know. Your customers should be so happy with their signs. They are quite striking. Hope you will be back on the mend soon.

  6. Not too bad of a day despite the cold and the one sign, I think you did very well!! As for the drivers license photo, all I can say is that I look like I am smiling in a really bad mug shot!
    I hope you are feeling better!!


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