Monday, November 7, 2011

A Refreshing Walk

Today I made myself take a walk.  Since I last wrote we have had rain and snow, cold temps and ice everywhere.  I am not a fan of the wet and cold as it restricts my movements outside between my studio and house.

My back steps get icy and oh so slippery.  I can hang on to the rail and gingerly make my way up and down them but that does not make for much of a work out.   I am normally up and down those stairs at least 10 times a day when I am out in the studio painting. 

I have no excuse for not walking on a regular basis, in the summer my workout is working in the garden but once the garden is laid to rest I need to start back to my walking routine.  I have a beautiful area to walk so really it should not be so hard to make myself get out and do it.


The smattering of snow left lightens up the forest across the street from my house. 

I make my way down the street, I stop to greet my favorite flying pig.


I head for the lake, it is lovely this time of the day, with the sun getting ready to set.  In the park adjacent to the lake the Aspens are stark and bare while the other trees still sport most of their leaves.  The lake behind is calm and serene.


I continue on down to the lake, the creek is running low. 


The local ducks greet me as I stop to catch my breath.


The cold air must be colder than the water as a lovely mist was rising from the surface.



The walk home made me huff and puff, I sure need to do this more often.  I am definitely in need of a regular walking routine. 


By the time I was heading back up my street, I could barely catch my breath. I used stopping to take photos an excuse to rest. 


The light coming thru the trees was eye catching.  The photos just don’t do it justice. 

I hope you enjoyed my walk. SmileI think now I will work on my crochet shawl. 

Good night!



  1. Beautiful photos--I love the first snow and snow up til after Christmas--then--not so much. I love that flying pig too! Have a great week; be careful and cautious out there.

  2. Good girl! It's so hard to get out there on a cold day but you feel so good when you come back and know that you have done something good for yourself.
    Be very careful on those stairs. Those are the places that folks fall and break a leg or worse.
    Loved the photos. Wish we had some snow but it's cold and this morning it was 32 degrees outside. I love it. Clear and cold.
    Have a good week.

  3. I am so glad that you got out to talk a walk. I loved all your photos and the area that you are in is gorgeous. I need to get out more too, maybe start taking walks down by the lake. :)
    I hope you have a great day and be careful walking to and from your studio.


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