Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A frosty morn.

How is everyone this cold frosty morning???  I am sure it is much colder in other regions than here in N. Calif. but at 30 degrees it is more than cold enough for me.

Frost has graced all my lovely garden plants with a touch of sparkle, when I went out to feed my chickens I snapped a few shots to share. 



Nearly Wild Rose



the frost accentuates the hairy leaves.


Creeping Chamomile

I love this plant, it is tough as nails and smells of green apples when trod upon.  It grows between some of my stepping stones.


I still have some color too.  The lobelia growing in the hanging pots along the eave are still an eye-catching blue.


Sad looking, aren’t they.  But this is roses in winter…


Even the tough old black eye susans succumb to this kind of cold. 


I am finishing up the last of the special order signs and at the same time painting an old trunk to use as side table.  I mixed up a batch of DIY chalk paint to use on it and I am really enjoying it.  It works much better than I had anticipated.  I also picked up another type of crackle medium and it is interesting to work with as well.  I just have to get the knack of it down. That is all for another post. 

Time for me to get my day started.   Au revoir.


1 comment:

  1. The frost makes everything so, so pretty! Your pictures are gorgeous.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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