Thursday, November 3, 2011

I finished my Crochet Scarf.

A week, an entire week since you have heard from me.  I have kept busy with special orders for signs.  It gets crazy this time of year, people start thinking of gifts for the holidays and the orders come in.  I gauge what I think I can finish in enough time and then I stop accepting orders. 

Along with all that I have been getting my garden put to bed for the winter, collected what was left of the Brandywine tomatoes and brought them inside.  We will eat off these for a few weeks.  Garden fresh tomatoes into November, you can’t beat that. 


I am enjoying the very last of my roses, they are sweetly scenting the room as we speak.  We are to get our first cold storm tonight and the low will be 26 or so.  They are predicting snow but I am hoping against all odds that they are wrong! 



I have one Sweet Pea that is finally blooming, it will most likely be quite frozen tomorrow so I made sure to photograph the blossoms to enjoy.  Maybe I should run out and cut it to add to my rose bouquet.  It's sweet perfume would be a welcome addition in the house.


In the evenings I have been enjoying my crochet projects.  I finished my easy lacy scarf.   I have two of these scarves I have used the past couple years and they still look great. 

  This one I will list on my website for sale.  I am going to try to diversify my website and add some textiles.  Quilts, table runners, pillows, and crochet items.  All hand made.  I am working on this plan so we shall see how it pans out.


My next project, I am making a scarf with these motifs.  I have quite a bit of brightly colored yarn that will make a fun and flamboyant floral scarf. 


Funny how the weather can change on a dime. 

Monday I was enjoying 80 degree weather as I ran my errands and went to have my hair trimmed and today when we left for the DMV for Drivers License renewals (aced my test) and a vehicle registration (I have unknowingly been driving an unregistered Suburban for a year, Yikes!) it was barely 35 degrees and tonight we are expecting maybe up to 6 inches of snow. 

Time for some relaxing crochet….

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  1. Boy, did the weather change today. You may very will get some snow. It's raining here in Jackson.
    We collected the last of our tomatoes too. So precious few now, but also some green ones to fry.
    I love your scarf... very nice job. The color is lovely. I'm sure you will sell them easily.

    I love this weather. I'm hoping for a cold, cold Winter. It's sweater and SCARF weather...

  2. The pink scarf is so beautiful. Can't wait to see what else you make.

  3. love your crochet work!

  4. Wow, that scarf is really pretty! I love that pattern

  5. I love the vibrant pink! It would look so chic with a black and white houndstooth check coat! andrea@townandprairie

  6. That pink scarf is so pretty, and I can't wait to see how your other scarf turns out. I don't know how to crochet, but I admire anyone who can!


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