Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bamboo, raccoons and chicks, I have it all.

I do hope you are all enjoying the Learn to Paint series. 
I am aiming to post another lesson this week.  I say aiming as sometimes life gets in the way of what I want to do.
But rest assured I will post it.
The weather has been perfect here in California.  Warm days in the 80’s and cool nights in the low, low 50’s. Great for garden work.
My plans this weekend were to get certain garden chores done for winter, things like separate my cherished bamboo plant so I can have more.  I am not sure why I love bamboo, maybe it is the tropical look it portrays for me. 
It proved quite challenging.
I thought to divide it like a do any perennial but it had other ideas.  I attempted to slice it down the middle of the root ball with a sharp shovel, I knew it would take great force but when my shovel connected with it the rebound rattled my teeth. 
It was solid! So I opted to unwind smaller canes along with the roots from the root mass instead.
I ended up with 3 new potted bamboos and high hopes they will take off and enjoy having room to spread their roots.
Here is one, the leaves did curl from the shock and I am not even sure I did this correctly so only time will tell.  I am sure to keep them well watered.
I have also been engaging in a raccoon relocation program.  They have become so destructive we have had to take drastic measures, like trapping and hauling off to new homes deep in the woods.
He may look cute but he is a vandal!
For those of you curious about my latest hatch, here is a shot of the chicks.  They are hiding behind this guy, he is a little rooster my mom hatched the month before.  He was so longsome in his little area that I let him join the girls here.
He is already showing his male leanings, he guards the girls valiantly.  He is improving in his looks, he was rather battered looking, the raccoons had plucked out some of his feathers trying to have him for dinner one night. 
My roses are making one last showing before they shut down for winter. 
I shared the bud last time of my Princess Diana rose and here she is, this is the first bloom after transplanting her, so she is flourishing in her new spot.
Soon I will need to drag in the geraniums to overwinter. 
I know you have heard me raving about this clematis before and his stellar performance, and now here he goes again blooming one last time before going dormant.
Warsaw Nike
For the most part my window boxes and hanging planters are looking rather sad but there are a few volunteer petunias just now blooming.  I need to pick up a few violas to add to the planter, they do well all winter and fill in thickly come Spring.
You remember my fancy little table set up??  Well I enjoyed seeing it so much that I left it for a bit.  Sunday afternoon I kept my nephews while their parents went on a dinner date. 
The 3 year old, Cayden, is a drama king.  He sees my table and exclaims “a tea pawty for me!” as he clasps his hands to his chest in delight.
So we had to sit and have a tea party.  He and his brother who is near 5 now had milk in their tea cups and tortilla chips on their plates. 
The crystal champagne flutes were put up for safe keeping.
It made a very nice ‘tea pawty’.
On that note I will leave you now.  Enjoy your day.


  1. The blooms are so pretty. Nice of you to take in the rooster. The chicks are getting bigger. Finally, the weather will be under 100-F & it is cooling off enough to be planting. Have a great week. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi, what a lovely set of pictures...the flowers are gorgeous, and the raccoon looks very guilty! We had big problems with raccoons when we lived in the country, they are a pain! Your handsome little rooster is fortunate to have survived, we lost a lot of chickens to them and to coyotes too, I think. I hope your bamboo does well, I love it too, it's just beautiful. I really like your blog and pictures...:) Sally in Ohio

  3. Wish I had more out door space!! I do have a bit of space on my lanai, and a few store bought plants, my faves are gardina's, pikaki's, white ginger and one other I can't think of...the best smelling ones seems to be white, my other faves are candles and pottery!! I will try too take a pic of my "little space".


  4. I use a saw to cut my bamboo roots, also for hostas and any other hard root perenials. It's so much easier.
    Love the chicks and little Rooster, won't be long before he's getting you up at the crack of dawn.
    Autumn has started well here in the UK. Rain, rain and more rain. The temperature has droped too.

  5. I'm not sure where to begin.
    Yes, "Indian" summer is still hot... but the nights are wonderful. Things are changing. It been a long time coming. You have reminded me to put my geranium starts in the potting shed soon.
    Bamboo is not a favorite plant, but it's pretty. I like the idea of keeping it in pots. That would control its spreading tendencies.
    Your flowers are so beautiful. My roses suffered from the heat this month and are not doing well.
    What would be better than a milk and tortilla tea party. How sweet! Your nephews will not soon forget the "tea pawty" at their aunties house.

  6. Loved seeing your sweet little chicks, Pamela! My hubby mentioned wanting to get some our own chickens and build a coop back by our barn. I told him NO! I couldn't handle it! I'd be soooo stinkin' worried that the raccoons, fox, possums, and coyotes would nab them somehow. I'd never get any sleep. lol! I hear ya about the 'coons, though. We had our share our vandals here this year...Agh!

    xoxo laurie


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