Monday, September 17, 2012

Mid-September Garden on a crazy Monday

It has been a strange Monday.  First we woke at 3am and could not go back to sleep so at 4am we just gave up, got out of bed and headed for the coffee pot. 

videotute 001

I read emails and a few blogs while I sipped and waited for the sun to rise. 

videotute 004

I was starting on my third cup when I realized my desktop computer was going to revolt on me.  I restarted it many times until I finally got it to where I could back up what files were new enough that I knew they were not included in the last auto back up. 
Being faithful in backing up saved me a lot of headaches and work today!

Now I need to spend a few hours fixing it but not today.

videotute 005

I did manage to pick some ripe tomatoes and cook them down into sauce, it smelled so good it made me hungry for lasagna.
videotute 006

I let it cool and promptly slopped a good portion onto the floor as I tried to transfer a container to the freezer.  (sigh)

videotute 009

I nearly put my back out as I slid thru the slimy mess and my Birkenstocks will never be the same.  Yes, my feet were between the floor and the spilling sauce and I discovered it was not all that cool. 

videotute 011

I wiped up the mess and got the floor squeaky clean.

 I started dinner to discover the above mentioned sauce had overflowed while roasting in the oven, now as the oven preheated to cook our chipotle potato skins smoke billows out and sets off the alarm.

videotute 013

My husband no longer panics when the smoke alarm goes off, I tend to set it off quite regularly as I cook dinner. 

videotute 014

So what is a gal to do with such a day but toss in the towel, quit worrying about getting anything accomplished and head to the garden.

videotute 015

I dead head, gather seeds and tidy spent blooms.  The quiet tasks soothe the battered nerves.

videotute 016

I listen to the chink, chink, chink of falling pine cones as the squirrels snip them from the trees.  They shred them once they are on the ground to gather the nuts and stash them away for winter.  They have been very busy the past few weeks, it makes me wonder what kind of winter we shall have this year. 

videotute 020

My garden time brings me the peace I seek.  I check the chicks to be sure they are safe for the night and the hens are locked up tight before I head into the house.

videotute 018

Dusk falls early it seems. 

I have not forgotten my painting lessons.  Because of the aforementioned technical difficulties my next episode will only be slightly delayed but I promise I will post it soon. 


Just a preview. 

I hope you enjoyed my garden today and may it bring you a bit of peace on a crazy Monday.

Tootise Time

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