Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bringing my garden inside!

Anyone that knows me knows I love roses.  In the winter when mine are all tucked away and snug under their blanket of snow I miss the beauty brightening my day.  In the summer I normally start my day strolling thru the beds, cup of coffee in one hand and a pruner in the other or in some cases a cup of soapy water to toss any unwelcome bugs that may be munching on the soft petals.   I don’t use chemicals, I grow them organically. 
Aug 5 015
I especially enjoy English Roses…they grow well here in the mountains of N. California, maybe they like it cooler. 
This beauty, Abraham Darby, has always been one of my favorites.  It blooms non-stop thru Fall, big lush apricot pink blossoms.
It takes them awhile to get going in spring, we normally have very cool springs and it can be nearly July before I really start to see my roses in full bloom.
So to satisfy my desire for the beauty of roses in the dead of winter I paint them……on anything.
A little ol ladder…
laddertopSomeone gave me this but I was told you can find these small wooden ladders at Sears in the tool dept.  I have yet to verify that.
Or gussy up a plain garden tin from World Market…
enamelware garden2
I gave this one to my mom.
enamelware garden3
A wicker lap tray..
show 001
show 005
Another thrift store find, this was really useful, the top can sit at an angle like a architects tables so you could use it as a writing desk, or went flat as a bed tray.  I gave it to a friend who was ill a lot. 
show 002
As you can see here, I do paint flowers other than roses. Painting flowers on everyday items is how I bring the outside in so I can enjoy my roses and flowers all winter long. 
I am seriously considering giving painting lessons via this blog.   I am certified to teach a certain method but I have grown away from it, or I should say transformed it into my own style.  So I would be teaching how I do it.  Do you think anyone would like that?
I am thinking, one day a week have a new lesson on a certain day.  I learned a lot of things via video so I am going to attempt to have a short video displaying how I am doing it along with the photos.  So, I am going to have to get organized here and figure out what day, how best to video it and so forth.
Enjoy my roses…
 Red rose Pamela Red rose
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  1. Your " inside garden" is lovely! do I detect a little Donna Dewberry style in your work? I took a class to learn some of her techniques a few years back and enjoyed it very much! It was fun to learn. I've done a lot with stencils too which I love for my furniture transformations! I think classes " here" could be fun too!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful roses today!
    inspiring indeed!

  2. Simply lovely. I haven't tried painting flowers...maybe stencils...or paste ons or something like that. Thanks for sharing & have a great day.

  3. Hi Pamela, this is my first visit to your lovely blog. LV sent me and I am so happy that she did. It's nice to meet you. Your roses are beautiful and your paintings are too.
    The ladder would be great in the yard, I will have to check that out also and see if I can find one like it.
    I am sure you mom loves the tray, how could she not, it's gorgeous. Char

  4. Your roses are stunning. I would give anything to be able to grow roses like those--amazing. I think our heat is too much for them. Sigh...
    Your ladder is beautiful as is the tray and tin. You are quite talented lady.
    Happy Sunday :)

  5. Oh, mercy! The roses are G O R G E O U S!!! Love that green carrier for mom, the ladder/stool is darling. You are very talented.

    Happy St. Paddy's Day ~
    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~


  6. I love all roses. I particularly like yours. Such pretty bright colors. Carrying them out on various things in your home looks very nice.

  7. Wow, that ladder is so amazing! And so much more fun than boring old wood. :-) Thanks so much for linking this project up, it is really inspiring!

  8. Pam I just love what you have done! These are gorgeous!! I adore that ladder. I wish I could grow roses but never had had great luck. Your morning strolls sound so perfect and I just can't wait for Spring and Summer.
    I think that that would be a great idea about the video lessons, how wonderful to share your talent with everyone.

  9. Such pretty art, how clever of you to turn everyday items into works of Art:)

  10. wow I would love to see the tutorials, can't wait :)

  11. This is my first visit to your blog, and I think I stumbled into heaven. I, too, am a decorative painter, or at least try to be. I would love to see tutorials as I am always interested in the techniques of others. I will check back often, as this is a very comforting place indeed.


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