Friday, March 25, 2011

Tunneling to the Chicken house

Good day everyone!  Another wild snowy couple of days.  This will end and we will see sun!  I thought I would take you on my morning walk to the chicken pen for the morning feeding. We have gotten 5 to 6 feet in the past week so things are getting buried.  This is my walkway to the street.
DSC_0003To get to the chicken pen we need to get down my front steps. 
DSC_0004 Then turn left to walk beside the garage.
DSC_0005It gets a bit tight here but I have lost weight so I can fit.  SmilePast the woodshed..
DSC_0006You can see the back side of my greenhouse from here…but then it nearly disappears..
Hmmm, I have to get in to the greenhouse to get the chicken feed…dare I stomp thru this…oops, I tried but sank to my thighs.  Forget it, I will get strong backed hubby to shovel it. 
The path to the hen house is more like a tunnel than a path. The sides of snow are higher than my head.
If you look real close you can see the hens anxiously awaiting by the pen door for the treats I toss them but they will have to wait a bit more until some shoveling gets done.
And getting to my studio is impossible, waist deep snow there.
DSC_0011Next week we are to get sun and temps near or above 60!  What a treat that will be. 
Tomorrow I shall post what has kept me sane during this endless snow storm we have endured!
I hope you enjoyed my morning walk. 

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  1. Hi Pamela!
    What we won't do for our " girls"... You've really been hit hard with early spring snow. We've had some flurries but it's all gone now.
    thanks for sharing your farmgirl chores with us today on the farmgirl friday blog hop!


  2. I am so happy our snow is gone. we had so much this winter in southeastern MASS.

    happy day!

  3. I cannot EVEN IMAGINE.
    Glad you posted pictures... California, really?

    happy for the chickens though, at least they aren't forgotten!

    enjoy the warm weather next week!

  4. OMG. That's awful. Bet U can't wait for it to melt. I could not manage that.

  5. Great morning walk:-)
    Thanks for stopping by and lovely comment.
    Have a wonderful day, hugs Biljana

  6. What a workout just to get to the chickens and eggs. We have had more snow this year than I care to have and it snowed all day yesterday but is already gone. Where are our warm temps like last week?

  7. Tunnels look fun....ESP if the hubby is making them=). Not much chance of draughts this summer with al this snow, right? We are flooding here in MN due to the record snow fall and it's inevitable thaw....

  8. Well- actually it's a little too close to home!! THINK SPRING and we shall make it!!

  9. So if you can not get to the studio do you declare a snow day for yourself?


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