Sunday, March 18, 2012

Diehard Snow Lover’s Post

Okay all you snow loving people, this is the post for you.  You may be basking in tropical type weather and enjoying digging in the yard but the only digging going on around here is with a snow shovel!

We woke up to over a foot of fresh snow this morning.


Do you remember last week?

potmantel2Spring Potting Bench

My pansies are under that somewhere, I will get busy and shovel a path to my potting bench and rescue them, I will house them in the greenhouse until fine weather returns, and return it shall.



There are plants in those pots but they are resting now under a fresh blanket, all snug and cozy.


The path to my Burb courtesy of my shovel wielding husband. He is actually on the other side of the Burb shoveling around it. He did not bother to pull out the snow blower, this was his aerobics this morning.


The trees are laden too. This is pretty, for January but by March I am hankering for Spring.  Though, to be truthful, this is typical for March in these here mountains.


My back deck fountain, the one the hummingbirds shower in each day.  It is a hoot to watch them flit from side to side as if washing under their wings. 


My bed of lettuce, I think we got it covered just in time.  The little sprouts don’t seem to be suffering greatly in the least.  I do need to block the ends though, my cat likes getting under here and I do not want him to think it is his litter box.


This is a potted ivy, it is going incognito at the moment.


If you look closely you can see the snowflakes falling.  It has continued to snow all day so far but not real accumulation beyond what you see here. 


Last but not least my breath of spring in the greenhouse, my camellia, it keeps on blooming away!

While the snow carries on outside I am doing a bit of this and that, sewing on pillows, painted on some special order signs and cleaning.  We made some homemade cream of broccoli soup for lunch and now I think we will turn on Pride and Prejudice.  Once every year we like to have a marathon day and watch the entire thing, usually on a stormy day like this.  A nice get away.

Enjoy my snow from sunny California.

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  1. I can't imagine snow like that. I'm glad to have left Atlanta where ice storms are common late March.

    On the other hand, it sure is pretty.

  2. So beautiful!! I would love to have snow. :) Hopefully we will have some this next year.

  3. Well the pictures are very pretty...but I be this was very unexpected. Poor pansies...
    Some days I wish for cold weather, it is hot hot here in Louisiana...but I do think I would want the warm back, when I had to shovel it.
    Thanks for sharing this post!

  4. Oh, much as I'd love to say how beautiful it is.....BLECH! lol! I'm soooo over snow right now (even though we had a very mild winter). We've been blessed with 70 degree temps the past two weeks and I'm sooo happy! :) But I do have to admit that the photo of the trees next to your sweet home is kinda pretty..... hehehe!

    xoxo laurie

  5. Oh my--we don't get nearly the snow that you do, for which I am actually grateful. We used to live in an area that got lots of snow, but moved to a more temperate climate. However, I do like that the snow gives you an opportunity to be warm and cozy in your home and do things you enjoy doing, so that is great! I love your wonderful potting bench, and the camellia bloom is gorgeous. There are some blooming outdoors here, but we've had so much rain lately that they kind of dissolve in the mushy weather. I am having problems leaving comments on blogger for some reason, so here is where I am at:

  6. Wow Pamela! And I was complaining about our skiff of snow this weekend! It certainly is beautiful though. Here's hoping that you have some warmer, Spring weather headed your way! Happy gardening.

  7. I'm a snow freak! Yours is so very pretty. Today I'm up at 5:00am as we've had some snow fall throughout the night -I can't wait for daylight to go take a look!


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