Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Snowy March Day!

I know many are enjoying warm Spring like weather but not us!  I read of different ones sporting their flip flops and shorts and I sigh!

But for those of you who love the snow (farmlady), this is for you! My potting bench at first light this morning.



And then this afternoon!


And the snow continues to fall…tomorrow is more of the same.  I supposed we are making up for our lack of winter. 

I have my Spring started inside.  Here is my latest acquisition and I do hope it roots. My cousin sent me an email saying she sent me a little something earlier this week and a day or so later I get this little box in the mail. 


Have you ever heard of Epiphyllum Orchid Cactus??  Me neither so I had to go look up some photos of them.

Robertas 2-piece Epiphyllum Orchid Cactus Collection

Robertas 2-piece Epiphyllum Orchid Cactus Collection

Ooooooh, I think I am going to like this.  So I got busy and potted up the cuttings and placed them on my plants racks. 


Can you see the difference in these 2 pelargoniums?  They were both started at the same time from seed but one has been under the lights and in the warm house and the other in my unheated greenhouse. 


In the winter my greenhouse gets very little direct sun though now it is getting more since the sun is higher in the sky. 
I will continue to house my less than cold hardy plants and seedlings inside for about another month then they all go out to the greenhouse.

And it is 4 days to hatch day for my chickies…if you enjoy chickens you might get a kick out of this post.
Designing for your Inner Chicken

I will, of course, share photos of my new babies once they hatch! 

Until we meet again!

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  1. Oh, I so envy you having all that snow ... but since we are record breaking heat I am going to tuck my jealousey away until next winter. Beautiful scenes ....

    Anxiously awaiting those little feathered cuties ...
    Happy St. Paddy's day t'ya!
    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN ~

  2. The orchid cactus looks like a beauty! Here in my part of the valley we are finally getting some rain. The farmers are really worried that they won't have enough water for irrigation, and a good snow pack is needed in the Sierras. It's so late in the season that it probably won't be enough. I'm looking forward to seeing your chicks!

  3. That would be a mean joke for me if I woke up to that. Yes, we are experiencing almost 20 degree warmer weather in Illinois than normal and hubby and I spent the day doing garden clean up and getting the summer furniture and stuff out of the shed...and putting the snow blower away. I even mowed the lawn for the first time this season. Oh how I don't like snow and love the lovely warm sunshine.

  4. Snow? No thank you. We are in the 80's when normal temps at this time of year are in the 50's. Just don't want to go backwards, been doing yard work and prepping for the garden.

  5. Oh the snow looks wonderful!! We never got snow this winter due to the really warm weather all winter long. I do love, love snow too. Lucky you!

  6. You're going to love those flowers. Occasionally, I see them blooming after they've climbed a palm tree here...gorgeous! Can't wait to see your biddy babies!

  7. O I'm sorry to hear you still have snow! Those new plants should cheer you up! I think it is just magical how you can put something like that in dirt and it will grow. I just planted some ivy and a purple thing, I can't wait! Thanks for sharing, and good luck with your chicks!
    Found you on Flamingo Toes
    Visiting from Well Rounded,

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