Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Early Birds are Hatched!

Yesterday was exciting.  I tried to get my work done but was constantly distracted by chirps coming from the incubator.
Three eggs had distinctive cracking, a bit of rocking going on and definite peeps emanating from.  I thought for sure all three would pop out in no time.

Not so.  But one was making great strides. You saw my photos from yesterday, if not go here, if you wish.


The incubator is in my office, an out of the way spot safe from disturbance.  I had bookwork to get done yesterday which worked out perfectly, as I worked I could keep an eye on the babies chipping their way into the world. 

You can see her little beak in this one.


The progress was slow but steady.


Then out pops this little life form, staggering around, crashing into her sisters, still in their shells.


I had to go out to the studio to paint on some custom order signs but I was sure to run in and check frequently to see if anyone else cared to make an appearance.
Nope, not a one.  I was not worried since really today is the 21st day of being in the incubator and the actual date I had down for hatching, but little missy above must’ve been a day older when she was sent to me.

When I got up this morning we had another little hatchling prize in the incubator.  She is yellow.


Whereas her sisters is more brown/black.


Here is a short little video of #1 after she first hatched.  I did try to catch her coming from the egg but it was annoyingly blurry.

This is of the first little chick when first hatched.
I have more pippin’ today. You can hear them cheeping while still in their eggs.

Speaking of chickens I have a short little story to tell. 
Monday I kept my nephews for the day.  They are 4 and 2 1/2.  We were doing household chores and I have them help me to keep them busy. (it was cold and snowy outside or we would’ve gone to the park)

I had laundered my bed linens and once they came out of the dryer the boys where ‘helping’ me remake my bed. Jackson, the 4 year old asked where my stuffed animals were (he has a collection that he sleeps with, I do believe).

I told him they were in the spare bedroom.  Both of the boys were noticeably concerned that I did not have any in my bed to keep me company at night.  I continued to make the bed and they wandered off into our spare bedroom.  I heard them rummaging thru and playing with the stuffed animals they found.  They were entertained so I left them to it while I went downstairs and on to other chores. 

I thought no more of it. The boys left with their parents later in the afternoon and towards evening I went upstairs to my room for something and this is what I found tucked into my bed.


This is my stuffed chicken. Of all my stuffed animals, the boys figured this is the one I would like best to be in my bed with me. (I have bears, beanie babies, Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore…you get the picture)

Do these guys know me, or what!

Here she is outside of the covers.


Now she sits proudly amongst the plumped pillows on the bed once its made.

I will, of course, bore you to tears with more photos of the chicks as they hatch.
Sunny today and it will reach 55, so a good snow melting day! I need to get out to the studio and get to work.

Until tomorrow!


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  1. Amazing to watch the chicks hatch, isn't it?
    Laughed about the nephews, that is a sweet story!

  2. My boys are a riot these days!!! We got a good laugh out of that story!! The boys will love seeing Auntie Pam's new babies too! :)

  3. How cute. I'm amazed you got any work done at all I would not have been able to take my eyes off the incubator.
    Children are so funny My 5 year old grandson Aidan bought me a gnome for the garden last year and it seems to move every time he visits.

  4. I was waiting to see your chicks, how cute! Sweet nephews story as well.

  5. How sweet your nephews. The baby chicks are so cute. Congrats on the new little ones.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  6. Oh, thanks for posting again, loved seeing this! Can't stop saying aaawww!

  7. That's amazing! They're so cute! Loved the story about your nephews! I'm following you now so I can follow the chicks' progress!
    Cindy @ Art,Books,Tea

  8. Adorable story! I hatched turkeys last year, I swear I looked in the incubator every 10 minutes from day 25 on (they hatch around 28 days)

  9. HPS!

    What a lovely story! Those chicks are adorable!


  10. Those little peeps are so precious! I'm trying to convince my hubby that we REALLY a small little coop and a few chickens. Do you have any advice you'd like to pass on? Good luck with the reast of the chicks! Nan

  11. We had plenty of these in my young days. My favorite thing was to geather the eggs each day from the nest.

  12. Hi Pamela! Newly hatched chicks takes the cake for Spring pictures and stories! And I love the stories of your nephews - so cute. Happy Pink Saturday. ~Marti

  13. Congratulations!!! We get chicks every spring. They start out in our house and then we move them out to the hen house when they are big then they are so tame they follow the kids around!! I cna't imagine my garden with out chickens!

  14. So, so precious and truly amazing to watch!
    That was so sweet of your little nephews to make sure you had something to cuddle too.
    Too CUTE!!!

    Have a most lovely PINK SATURDAY!
    Come by to visit my pink when you get a chance!

    Waving from Our Back Porch,

  15. Awwwwww...Beautiful photos!
    I love each and every one of these!
    Happy Pink Saturday!! ~Lorraine ♥♥♥

  16. Now that is some REAL spring decor! Lucky you! :)

  17. How fun!!! Brand new and so cute!!! Thanks for linking it up! xoxo- Rachel

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