Friday, January 7, 2011

Finally on the mend Friday!

Well, today I FINALLY felt up to getting things done around here.  Yesterday, I had to get out of this house after being rather laid up with this cold for an entire week.  The sun was shining and I knew just a half hour drive down the road I would find green grass showing instead of the infernal white stuff out my windows.  I am already craving warm weather and my flower garden which I will not see for a good 2 or more months.  So on my little trek to warmer climes (it was a balmy 52 degrees with glorious sunshine there) I stopped in at a garden center and picked up some seed starting mix.  I have loads of flower seeds to start to fill my summer garden.  Like some of these Peaches and Cream Hollyhocks
And some of these Monkshood for a shady area
And some Crazy daisys that I hope are as frizzily as these ones are.
So I wandered the garden center savoring the spring scents of stock and violas while basking in the suns warmth for as long as I pleased.  I found some sweet pea seeds to add to my collection and some yellow sticky traps to rid my house of the fungus gnat infestation we have been inundated with.  I bought some plants at a big box store and I think they tagged along with their buddies some mealy bugs.  Yikes! 
I stayed as long as I like then headed back home with a quick run through the grocery store.  After that I did not accomplish much, I was more than spent after that little jaunt.  I am so not used to giving out so early in the day but it must have been the residuals of the cold. 
Today I was back to normal other than the raspy voice.  I helped de-ice the front steps (no small task), cut the legs for my console table, sanded down a gate type sign I am making for our home and repainted it (I did not like the shade of blue I started with) then I potted up 12 different type flower seeds and set them up on their growing racks.  I will have to post some photos of that set up soon.  It works quite well.  And now I am ready to relax with my hubby, content that I accomplished quite a bit of my "to do" list.  I did fit a bit of cooking and cleaning in there as well.

one of my favorite English roses  "Jubilee Celebration"


  1. Hi Pamela,
    I popped over from Tracies blog at Fishtail cottage ,I am new to blogging also ,so it is nice to see someone elses blog who is also new ,although yours is much better than mine ,I would love to have a nice heading like yours ,if it isn't too much trouble could you let me know how to have the four pictures above the header!

  2. Hi Sharon,
    Thanks for the compliment, I have been working every chance I get on my blog and hunting around for easy tips on how to do what I want with it. Here is the link to the tutorial I found for the header. I have been working on a new header to put up, the more I do something the easier to remember how to do it.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! Your newest follower! Love your photos!



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