Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday and still down with this cold...

 Going on day five of this cold.  I have lounged around trying to get well as much as I can stand, though it would help if I could sleep at night but between aching to the bones and my own snoring (I need my tonsils removed) it seems I wake up hourly.  Enough of my whining. I did manage to get my grocery shopping done yesterday and pick up chicken feed.  That was the extent of my energy.  Here are some jars I painted with enamel paints.  I picked them up at Cost Plus World Market, spray painted the lids and handpainted on the flowers. 

I thought they would be cute holding bath salts or candy.  I am still working on my console table to match my dining room table I shared a few days ago.   Adios...P

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  1. These are so pretty. Love your handpainting. My fave is the hydrangea one but I have a thing for blue.

  2. Your flowers are exquisite. And on glass, too! Not my favorite surface either.

    I'm you newest follower! Your blog is lovely! Have fun with it. It's never-ending, believe me.


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