Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sicky Saturday.

Well, I woke up with a dilly of a sore throat yesterday and today it is no better but I am trudging through my morning.  We had an exciting night, I read before bed and my hubby watched some t.v. Whoo hoo! Party animals.  We enjoyed it none the less. 
 I thought for the first day of the new year I would start posting some of the custom signs I was privileged to make this year, sort of the year in review. 
This gal wanted 3 similar signs, she wanted the extras for her mom and sister, I do believe.  
This one was for a Yoga studio for Mothers and their little ones.
this is one a man ordered for his wife, the roses are a popular request
I really enjoyed doing this one a bit different and I had to reacquaint myself with painting the butterflies!
 This one was for a gal that wanted a sign for their new bar area of their home.  I think it had a western theme.
Coastal and Beach house signs were a popular choice as well.

There are plenty more to share but I shall let you rest your eyes.  You can see many of my signs on my website also, just click on the button to the right or click here

I really need to work on my website, I am tired of the winter theme, I am ready for something more sunny and bright even if it is only January!  One day soon.  No time today or more the point, no energy today.  I need my brain to be in tip top shape to redo the graphics on the website, much too easy for me to mess it up royally. 
I need to think about getting ready to go to a friends funeral that is today.  We already have our lasagna done that is for the gathering afterward, I made bread rolls yesterday.  The snow is falling non stop but I cannot see much accumulation, it might just be compacting the old snow down, it seems to be a wetter snow today.  I am sooo looking forward to spring.  I need to start getting my seeds planted for a glorious garden this summer.  Ta ta for now....Pam

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