Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a day of painting

Good evening all..well after deliberating I settled on making the Mitchell cubbies instead of my console table for the dining area. I have some cabinet grade plywood that I can use for a portion of it so the cost is minimal. Here is what it will look like when done...

Mine will be 5 cubbies wide to fit under the dining room window and I am thinking of using a stencil and chalkboard paint to mimic the label holders.  I cut the lumber to size today and hope to start assembling it tomorrow. 
Then I had to paint, I have a few orders for signs and I need to fulfill the orders before we head out of state for a week to pick up some machinery we sold and we need to deliver it to the buyer.  For those that don't know yet, I paint custom signs for folks.  I started by painting vintage type signs and it expanded to custom orders.  Here are some of my signs I have painted. 

If you would like to see tons more signs go to my website
One day soon I will share my studio construction photos.  I love my creative space and will be glad to share. 
I am tired tonight so I am headed for a hot tub and some relaxing. 
Until next time...Pam



  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. You're a Californian too I see. I love your signs. I saw your table a couple of weeks ago and loved it. Can't wait to see your bins.


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