Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fun Fancy Chicken Coops and Houses

One of my favorite past blog posts was on Killer Chicken houses.
I had more fun looking at ways people made their chicken coops fanciful, decorative or just plain humorous.

That post was six months ago so I decided a second round was in order. 

This stately chicken house would fit in any smancy neighborhood back yard.

The gentleman that built this one calls it the Taj-Mahal of chicken coops or maybe more aptly named “My Mid-Life Crisis” coop. Click on the photo to go see how he built it, he has conveniently photo journaled it for us


This next one is a ‘chicken tractor’ you can roll to different spots of your yard.  They have named it Cluckinham Palace.  They did not chintz on materials, that is real cedar siding!

How about one that reminds me of the 7 dwarves cottage in Snow White.
Fancy Cottage Chicken Coop

This little cottage coop is complete with a short picket fence and hand made shutters.  


This sleek design has many unique and clever features I want to remember.
CoopFirst copy

Completely artistic and check out that succulent garden on top.  chicken pen as garden art

Kathy Lafleur's Amazing Chicken Coop

These fabulous chicken abodes make my simple lean to type rather paltry looking.  I think I would like this one in the future or one close to it. 

garden shed rustic

Now the trick is how to turn this into that above


I used a safety rail from a bunk bed to make the trellis for the Cecile Brunner rose to climb across above the door and window. Though I love the rose climbing up I still am not pleased with the overall look of my chicken house.

This is going to take some major redoing.  Come to think of it the turret effect would not work here, the snow would build up and cause problems.  Rats.  I really liked that. I will have to keep looking and thinking.   

I am working on that post for Learning to Paint daisies.




  1. These coops are all so very nice. I like the one with the garden on top of it. Something about it appeals to me.

  2. Amazing chicken coops it almost makes me want to raise chickens too. I like the turret one also but Illinois has a lot of snow not a good one to pick. So, think I'll just dream about these coops and raising chickens. I'm a city girl through and through. Wishing I could step up and do something different like this.
    Joyce M

  3. Those chicken coops are absolutely incredible. I've seen a lot of coops in my day, but that first one really is an eye-opener. I'd love to get something like that one day, and hire an Arizona sign company to make custom signs for the front with the family name on it or something. Thank you so much for sharing this!

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  5. I think it will take long time to build a chicken coop by myself. But, i will try myself and ll let you know about my progress.

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