Monday, May 21, 2012

Another Garden Walk

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The weekend fairly flew past, it was fun filled.  Saturday was the baby shower for my sister and her latest baby boy.
My sister in law made the cutest fruit salad. 



There was lots of wonderful food and it was enjoyable to catch up with family we had not seen in awhile.  

It was so lovely this morning, it was 50 degrees at 6am. I headed outside to enjoy it with my first cup of coffee.

The Iris beside the step I love to sit on had just opened up.


It is not one of the scented ones but it is gorgeous just the same.

One of my clematis is putting on a show as well.

I wish I could remember which one this is.  I will have to look up my garden map, I try to keep one on hand as I plant new things. 

This next Iris is blooming just a few scant inches from the ground, I am not sure why it did not grow normally but it is pretty just the same.


The Baby Blue eyes Forget Me Nots are filling in and I have some cropping up all the way across the garden, I suppose the birds are spreading the seeds.  I don’t mind, it does not seem to be overly aggressive and I can easily keep it in check.


My Cecile Brunner climbing rose perfumes the air, I get a good whiff each morning as I go to feed the hens.  It sure beats the smell of chickie doo.


My bed of lettuce, it was filled from end to end but the chickens got loose one day and only left a little patch for us.  I had reseeded so we should get more soon. 


A few months back I ordered some roses from Heirloom Roses.  I have been very pleased with their growth and I am in love with this one so far.  It has just bloomed, it is called Kiss of Desire.



The other three are beginning to bloom as well and I will share those soon.

In a pot on my back deck is this lovely rose, called Scentimental. It truly has a lovely perfume. 


Below is a Warsaw Nike clematis that is just going hog wild, if you want a clematis that is tough and vigorous then this should be your choice. 


It is absolutely loaded with big fat blooms.


It will most likely start to bloom while I am away.  I leave on Wednesday for the rest of the week to work at the Strawberry Festival by Yosemite.  It is crazy, fast paced and exhausting but we have fun at the same time.
The downside is there is no internet or cell phone service AT ALL.  Zero, zilch, nada!

So that being said you will not hear from me until Monday.  I will be toast but I shall check in.  I will have my phone with me so I may get some photos but last year we were just too busy so I can’t make any promises.

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  1. What a lovely walk through! You have a great variety of colors and flowers. I hope you have a great time at the Strawberry Festival. I am stopping by from the Tuesday Garden Party. Have a great week!

  2. I love the blue irises--so pretty! And a funny and gorgeous fruit salad. Love the name of the rose "Kiss of Desire", and the color. Have fun at the Strawberry Festival. We are still a while before we have ripe strawberries here--I have small green ones in my garden at the moment.

  3. I love how you've trained that tough clematis on the lattice of your stairs - I bet it's lovely all in bloom! Thanks for sharing- I hope your festival went well. :-)


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