Sunday, May 13, 2012

Feels Like Summer!

A grand Sunday mornin’ to you!  The starting temps this morning are so warm I could swear it was summer.  Last year at this time we were not done with snow, I am so thankful that this year we are getting a Spring to enjoy. Here is a link to my post of last May 15th

Kind of makes you want to shudder, doesn’t it?

Today we are to enjoy 80+ degrees.  I will be tap dancing in the garden (actually on my hands and knees weeding and planting)but in my heart I will be dancing. 

Actually rather than boasting of our fine weather I stopped in to share a short post on a couple signs I painted.


A returning customer ordered these signs a few weeks ago. This customer always gives my talents a stretch.  Interpreting her ideas into actual paintings sometimes is outside my current abilities so I have to work for it but I am rewarded with not only her ever lovin’ gratitude but also with the knowledge that I have grown in my art. 


She so graciously sent me photos of them hung in her home and I asked if I could share. 



Thanks Terry for the photos.  A happy Sunday to you all!



  1. Yes, last year was much different. This is a beautiful day in the foothills and I wish you a Happy Mother's Day.
    The signs are wonderful.

  2. What a beautiful picture of the tulips in the snow. It looks like Mother Nature pricked her finger.

  3. How beautiful! Thats so nice to know that she loves the paintings so much she sends you photos of them in actual display! Your painting skills are to die for! Thanks for sharing at T4 at


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