Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kitchen island to painting work table

Easy Kitchen Island Plans

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This is what is on my list to build for my studio.

It will be perfect for a work area along the south wall for base painting, packaging and finish work.  The lower shelves will be great for storage or holding signs or paintings that are drying.

Easy Kitchen Island Plans

Right now I am using a folding table..which is not very attractive and leaning over to work takes its toll on my poor old back. This is what the island/work table will replace.


Because my new table will be counter height it will come above the window sills but that won’t bother me in the least, it will be wonderful to have all the extra storage and a more comfortable work level.
I am thinking I will paint it the same as the bookcase


We both still love our Farm Table we built last January and we get more compliments by friends and family when they see if for the first time.

You can see the step by step by clicking on the photo, if you wish.

We also enjoyed building a potting bench, it took an afternoon so we hope this work bench table will be just as quick.


So you know what I will be doing in the coming days!  I can’t wait to share it with you..I do love to build things.

Good evening to you all.
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Painting Signs and more signs!


Hello all…I have been buried, in paints, sand paper and website updating!  I have been wishing to get lots and lots of signs posted on my website.  Many of them have been tucked into my studio for awhile now and others I have been painting alongside my custom orders.     The past 2 days I have been hard at it along with making buttons for my blog. 


I fell in love with this one and may have to keep it, or make me another, either way it just makes me smile.


I made a Welcome sign too…


I added some lettering to my PB inspired rose clock.  It is the name of a rose garden just outside of Paris.  A spot I had wished to visit both times I was in France but I was there the wrong time of year.  Rats!


I painted up some Open/Closed signs and listed them on the website as well.



My shawl is up to 5 motifs done, this only shows 4 but I completed another last night. 

It is a pattern I have to pay sharp attention to but that is good exercise for my brain.

  On nights my brain is too tired to work on the shawl I have been crocheting a super easy scarf. 


Time to kick back and relax with my crochet hook.  I have a cozy fire going, the weather has cooled down quite a bit and it is really feeling like Fall around these parts.

First, I think I will peruse JoAnn’s yarn sale online, there might be something I can’t live without.  Smile

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

We have roots!

We had another lovely day of fine weather.  Warm and bright sunshine for a full afternoon of working in the garden.

Back in late July I did a post on rooting  cuttings.  (click on photo to go to post)


And here is the results


A new lilac plant with healthy roots.  I potted this one and 3 others like it into individual pots along with a couple roses that I had in the same propagating container.

All potted up and ready to grow for me.  The large leafed plants to the left of the lilacs and roses are my English Delphiniums I started from seed back in this post:


I am slowly getting them all into the ground.  I have shades of blue and a mix that I am not sure what color they will turn out to be. 

My Heavenly Blue Morning Glory is still blooming away as it climbs the chicken house.


My Heirloom English Rose is also continuing on.  So far Mr. Garden Eatin’ Deer has not nibbled this baby down!


All in all I would say a very satisfying day, one to be thankful for.  Working in my garden always brings me peace.  Probably why I love it so.
Goodnight and sweet dreams!

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