Saturday, November 30, 2013

How to Paint an Easy Simple Daisy

How to Paint a Pretty Daisy
This week I have been crazy busy…
                                                                         …..and it is only TUESDAY!!!
The only thing keeping me sane is I found a way to watch Season 2 of The Paradise online.
(it is only being shown in the UK right now)
I am crazy addicted.I even created a ringtone for my iPhone from the theme song.
Between my cleaning work,(vacationers are checking in)keeping up with custom signs orders(people are buying gifts, ya know)and trying to be supportive of my harried husband who is also trying to fulfill an order whose timeline was just shortened by 2 weeks……
well, lets just say the days are over packed and a bit nerve wracking!
But I still do have a new painting tutorial for you. 
You can even make your own custom wrapping paper.I showed how it could look on plain brown paper.
paint a daisy on gift
And if you want a bit more shimmer, try metallic paints.
(I did the 5 petal easy flowers on this one, I showed you how to do them in this post  CLICK HERE)
shimmery blue flowers
To view the rest of this post CLICK HERE

Thursday, November 21, 2013

When Life Hands You Lemons

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade" is a proverbial phrase used to encourage optimism and a can-do attitude in the face of adversity or misfortune.

"Lemons" in this expression is used in the informal sense of the word, to indicate an unfortunate or inadequate situation, a meaning which probably stems from the sour and acidic taste of unsweetened lemon. "Lemonade" on the other hand, is a sweetened form of this same acerbic fruit, and so in the context of this expression, conveys the potential for pleasure and opportunity in seemingly bad situations.

That thought came to mind when I first spotted this on Hometalk.
What great use of what some may consider “ruined” pottery or trash.

I have wanted to make myself something similar ever since but I just could not bring myself to break my terra cotta pots.
Knowing how clumsy I am I figured it was just a matter of time before I had the perfect broken pot.
Funny enough, it was not me that knocked a plant off the table.
My hubby had the honor of that.
He was so apologetic then confused as he watched my face light up at the sight of terra cotta shards mixed with plant debris and potting soil on the floor.
(no plants were harmed, it was potted up into a larger pot and is quite happy despite the tumble)

broken pot
Just look at that pot. 
Isn’t it just perfect!

I have various Hens N Chicks in my greenhouse just waiting for a new home.
Actually, the chicks are what I plan on using. 


I mix lots of perlite with potting soil for good drainage.
Fill the pot as I hold the shard in place, trying all the while to keep some space out front to tuck the chicks.
(I had pulled the chicks off a couple days ahead of time to let them harden off a bit, this supposedly helps them not to rot before rooting)
It took a few tries to get it how I wanted.
The mix is very loose so it was hard to get it to stay in place.
Ta Da!
potted chicks1
I still need to get some pebbles to add.
They will help to keep the soil mix in place when I water.
Which is infrequently but the mix does tend to want to fall out still.
potted chicks2
This is a small 4 or 5 inch pot but it was fun to practice with, I am sure these will quickly outgrow this but they do not mind being transplanted.
For now it is the perfect size to sit in my windowsill.

A party in a pot.

Did you know that Hens and Chicks are of the plant genus Sempervivum which means Live Forever?
The name live-forever was given to the plant because of its “hardiness and durability.”

What makes this durable plant remarkable is that it grows in the most inhospitable places.
It can be found high up on windswept mountain slopes, where temperatures can plummet as much as 60° F  in just 24 hours.
It can take root in a rocky crevice with a smattering of soil.
What are some of the secrets of its endurance in such harsh conditions?

potted chicks2

The live-forever has succulent leaves, which carefully hoard water.
This enables it to take full advantage of all the moisture available from rain or melting snow.
Also, it grows in clusters that unite their strength to get a firm grip on their rocky support.
By taking root in crevices, it has some protection against the elements, even though there may be little soil.
In other words, it thrives by making the most of difficult circumstances.
potted chicks3

An example to us all. 
Despite its harsh environment or unfavorable circumstances it blooms beautifully.
Displaying that it does not just survive hardships but is determined to thrive with grace and beauty.

potted chicks4

So, in a nutshell, the Sempervivum makes Lemonade!!!

Now lets see if it will survive my tender loving care.  I will have trouble not overwatering, that is for sure.
I am on the hunt for different containers to make more living sculptures, any suggestions would be appreciated. 

I am also on the hunt for cold hardy varieties so I can plant more outside. 

This is my inspiration
(I could not find the original source for the photo so if you know where it came from please let me know)

I was thinking the path leading to my studio/crafting cottage would look gorgeous planted like this.

I was not always a fan of Sempervivums, I am not sure what changed my mind.
Do you have a good source for Hens N Chicks?  Just leave a comment and let me know. 

I am on the hunt.


Monday, November 18, 2013

Don’t Look Back

Don’t Look Back Inspirational Printable for Download.


Happy Monday everyone! 
I hope everyone is fine and dandy on this lovely day.
Off I go to work then back to my studio for some painting.

I wish you a productive and fun day.

CLICK HERE for a high resolution jpg of this photo for personal use only please.


Friday, November 15, 2013

Dining Room Before

Good morning everyone.

What a beautiful California day.  This is the last of a warmish days here in the mountains as it is to cool down again.

The past week or so of mid to upper 60’s has been oh so lovely, but reality must prevail. 

It is November, and we need rain and snow (the snow would stay higher up on the mountain if I had my way) so if it must be cold anyways…

come on rain and snow!

My garden is parched and in need of some moisture. 

Even dormant.

My morning has been quiet. 

Instead of my morning reading I sat and crocheted another row on my mystery dining room accessory. 

Letting my brain be quiet for half an hour felt so refreshing.

My mind leisurely wandered over what I need to accomplish today and how best to organize it all.

So now instead of my brain running at a frenetic pace and making me crazy I feel serenely focused and able to tackle the long ‘to do’ list. 

Why I have gotten out of the habit of taking the time each morning to just be, I don’t know.

I had started the habit when my kids were in school.  I rose half an hour before they needed to and had ‘me’ time.

Sometimes I sat with my freshly brewed coffee and reveled in the quiet.

Sometimes I cross stitched or crocheted and in the summer I would walk the garden with clippers in hand to dead head.

Mindless tasks that let my mind ramble.

It seemed to make my life less crazy.

And now I am rambling on here, so sorry…

back to my crochet….

crochet table1

One more row of red and I will switch back to white.

Since I am winging this creation there was no way to determine how much I would need and I am running low on the white yarn. 

Time for a trip to the yarn store….what a tribulation! 

I mentioned  previously that I was working on redoing my dining area.

Just so you get an idea of what I am working with I took some photos for you.

This view is taken from the living room.

dining area 17

Our house runs on the petite side at barely 1300 square feet.

For the two of us, it is more than plenty.  

Here we are a little further back.

I am going to remove this cabinet and make something to put here. 

I am not telling what yet.

dining area 27

Here in the photo above you can get a better perspective of how small this space actually is. 

We made the dining room table about 3 years ago, it is square Farm Table made just for this space.

To see that post CLICK HERE.  (it is one of my very first blog posts and it looks it but it does show the table in progress)

I am toying with the idea of putting a rectangular table in here. 

I have one stashed that just needs a bit of paint and a rustic top made for it.

I am not sure what I can do with the chandelier to make it what I wish. 

Paint it?

New shades?

I know what you are thinking.

Just replace it.

And I may in the future but this redo is being done, for the most part,  with what I have or can make with supplies I have on hand.

Very little will be purchased.

dining area 37

Now the dining room chair slipcovers are only in place until the white ones get washed.  (they do look better pressed but we grabbed them from the closet when the others had to be stripped off and washed)

I prefer to white ones, well, they are really cream but I am thinking of switching out a couple of these chairs for some arrow back ones I have.

They match the table I am working on too.

They are getting painted as we speak. 

In doing this I am realizing I don’t enjoy painting furniture, it seems extremely tedious to me. 

I have to admire those that paint furniture day after day. 

Then there is the floor. 

I am thinking a painted floor cloth in a lighter color, this dark brown just sucks up the light. 

Curtains on the slider?? 

I do think so but I am debating on remaking over a favorite duvet cover into them or using the Ikea panels I bought last Spring. 

They are plain white so, in my mind, they need something to make them less bland. 

The flower photos on the wall beside the window will be replaced.

Several ideas have presented themselves but I have not settled on any one of them yet. 

This all will take time, probably so much time that I will be wanting to switch out the red accents for cooler colors…

meaning it will most likely be Spring or Summer before I get to it all. 

But what fun I shall have chipping away at it!

Now that I have bored you to tears I am off to the studio to paint. 

Lots of orders to fulfill.

I am trying to think of what painting tutorial to start next. 

Painting Hydrangeas was a hit and will be a hard act to follow.

Paint Hydrangeas logo

Want to learn to paint flowers and who knows what else I might try???

Just sign up for updates and give it a whirl. 

Have a great day! 




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Monday, November 4, 2013

Dreams Don’t Work…Unless You Do Printable

Happy Monday!

Everyone ready for a new week to begin?

Dreams don't work700


Let’s get it off to a great start with a bit of inspiration.  

To download a higher resolution file of this to print go here….Flower Patch Farmhouse



Friday, November 1, 2013

Hand Painted signs of October

Happy November 1st!
This year is winding down fast. 
October was a busy painting month. 
Custom orders typically pick up in October.
starfish resort sign
People are thinking ahead for the holidays.
Custom hand painted signs make great gifts.
And though I was sick a couple weeks of October with Strep Throat I still managed to get signs painted.

Have you ever heard of a Rallus?
to read the rest of the post please CLICK HERE

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