Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Inspiration, Forget the Days Troubles

I know this is easier said than done. 
Last week it felt like I had lost my soul.
My inner joie de vivre was gone…
well maybe that is the wrong term,
joie de vivre can mean careless joy…
a better word would be ebullience which is more enthusiasm for life despite your cares.
But over the weekend I was able to hit “reset” and though the cares that stole my joy have not disappeared I can see thru the gloom they present to a brighter day.
That is a very good thing.
So today will be sunny and bright despite the grey skies and dismal drizzle.
I will bury myself in tax paperwork…
and feel grateful that I have income to report instead of grumbling over the pain in the pattoot paper trail and number crunching I must do to get thru not only our personal taxes but the business ones too. 
And if you hear me screaming, it means I discovered we owed way more than I figured.
Happy Monday to you all and I wish you Ebullience!
oh,one more thing…

I read an article on blogging and writing posts etc and the author claimed that readers do not want you to use anything but simple words and terms.
She was saying that I need to dumb it down for you to enjoy it.
I have given you more credit than that but I am not always correct in my thinking.
Do you need it dumbed down?
I just thought I would ask.

See you next time when I may having something more eloquent to say.



Friday, March 28, 2014

How to Paint a Basket of Red Geraniums tutorial

geranium basket painting banner
After doing a post on creating new geranium plants from cuttings I figured you may wish to know how to paint them too.
I even made a looooong video.
This post focuses on the leaves and flowers but the video shows you how to paint the basket too.
I traced around some actual geranium leaves as a pattern.
Starting with a 3/4 inch flat brush double load with a dark green, a celery green and a touch of citron.
geranium basket2
Start on the chisel edge at the V opening of the leaf.
geranium basket3
Start your stroke by pressing the brush and wiggling along the outer edge of the leaf, pivoting the brush as you do.
The Video will help you see what I mean: Paint a Basket of Geraniums
geranium basket4
You can flip the brush and go from the other side as well.
geranium basket 5
No need for perfection, if you don’t like it the first time around go over it again.
geranium basket6
For the flowers draw in the stems with thinned down paint and a liner brush, ignore the curly cues, I was goofing around.
geranium basket 7
Then with a filbert brush and some burgundy colored paint dab in some buds in a dome shape.
geranium basket8
Don’t forget the little buds draping down.
geranium basket9
Dab on some brighter red in the center then add in some white to highlight.
geranium basket 91
Dot in some flower centers and add a bit of green to the draping buds.
geranium basket92
If you want to see how I put it all together to paint a basket full you can watch the video.
geranium basket painting tutorial
Paint a basket of Red Geraniums

For more painting tutorials just click here.

Happy Painting.


Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Monday Quote and a Taste of Spring.

I know I need to be more on top of things here. 
Like my Monday attempt to be uplifting.
If I had it all together, I would time my post for midnight on Sunday then it would be ready for everyone when they get up and click on over for some inspiration at the beginning of the week.
Well, it has not happened again this week…maybe next..

But don’t hold your breath.
The weather around these parts has put me more than in the mood for Spring and all the glory that it offers.
I ran across a few posts on the web that just scream Spring! to me.
They made me happy so I thought to share.

(Click on photo to go to the actual post and if you wish to pin to Pinterest, please pin from original post.)

I loved the dragonfly hooks on this, I gotta get me some…
Pottery Barn Abbott Inspired Potting Table & Buffet Server
Between Naps on the Porch

This next one is so clever…I had to share more than one photo..

Penny’s Vintage Home
I love the use of repurposed items.

Gotta spare dresser…I have seen this done before but I just love hers.

Another great little cottage made with repurposed materials. 

Shabby Story
I don’t think this one below repurposed, I just like the set up, even the rain barrel looks lovely.  I need a few of those.

Modern Country

These more than put me in the mood to somehow dress up my greenhouse. 
Have a fabulous Monday everybody!


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Happy Friday! And a bit of randomness

Yes, I know it is really Saturday but I actually did start this yesterday. 
Why is it that you run out of time before you run out of things you wish to accomplish in a day?
I have to look back and check on what I did accomplish to feel I have not wasted all my time.
1. I started to get my plant racks set up in the greenhouse with my Christmas cord light ready as to heat the bottoms.
(I am only a few weeks late getting my seeds started!)
And this is as far as I have gotten.
If you want to read any of my seed starting tricks just click here

plant rack
2. I have also taken a current photo of the chicks for those that want to follow their progress.
I put the teacup in with them so you can get some perspective of how they have grown since this was taken.
That was two weeks ago and now….
They are in the brooder out in the chicken pen.
One is definitely showing signs of being a Rooster.
Can you pick him out in the crowd?
chicks march 14700
I have mentioned before that I joined an artisans co-op here in Arnold.
I have been having fun stocking my signs in it and enjoying meeting all the other talented artists.
I made some tags and gussied them up with a spray of flowers, I need to make up a business card.
That was on my list for this week too and has yet to come to be.
And last but not least some signs I have worked on this week.
I had to take this shot with the sign laying down as the frame had just been waxed and was not dry yet.
Somehow I smeared the red on this cherries sign.
I am not sure to leave it as it is and call it character or try to fix it. 
It has already been waxed so fixing it will be tricky.

Maybe I can go over it with a dark wax for an aging effect and it would help it to blend in.
hmmm….that is an idea.
The gal that ordered the Garden Shed sign last week decided she needed another.
Easy enough.
Thankfully I had already base painted a duplicate to make another.

garden shed 700
And that is a bit of my week in a nutshell.
I had twisted my lower back earlier in the week and sent myself into spasms.
That has been no fun.
But I have to look at the bright side.
Instead of being able to bend over I have had to do squats and my thighs have had the workout of their life.
Now they hurt too.
They must’ve needed the workout.
I now moan and grown my way through the day as most movement brings pain somewhere on my body.
It merely slows me down, I keep on truckin’.


Have a tremendous weekend.
It is going to be beautiful here.
Close to 70 for a high temp.
Woo hoo!



Monday, March 10, 2014

Good Monday Morning Inspirational Quote

believe you can 700

I am running a little behind this morning….wonder why.
The time change normally has little impact on me but this time around it seems to really have tossed a wrench into the works.
I have not been able to paint anymore on my staircase.
I am still working on the yellow rose bouquet.

I do dislike when I start a project and cannot work on it until it is done.
My work schedule last week was harrowing, by Friday I was bone tired and soul weary.
Saturday I could barely move.   But I did manage to get some tags made for my signs that are going into the Home D├ęcor artisans co-op I have joined and take more signs in to be hung.
If you would, click on over and give the store Facebook page a Like. Timeless Home Gallery

Here is a photo of some of my signs in what is called the Farm room. 
They blend in perfectly.
Items come and go quickly so I will try to share what is new in the store as frequently as I can and I will post what days I am to work in the store so if you wish, you can come see me. 
There is quite a diverse group of artists here and it is surprising how well everything compliments each other. 
We don’t have separate booths, it is all co-mingled which makes for a pleasant surprise around every corner.
The chicks are doing great, they have been moved to the brooder in the hen pen.

I will take some fresh photos of them soon to share.
Until then, have a fabulous Monday!


Friday, March 7, 2014

More hand painted signs

It seems sign orders come in waves. 
I no sooner get them all shipped and think I will have a few days..(actually I need a month), to clean out my studio and get it in order.
It is a mess right now. 
All I need is some time, and some muscle available to get it straightened out. 
I have had neither, or not enough of either as of yet.
One day soon, I shall.

Fresh Cherries sign700
These two signs just went out to a lovely lady in Texas.
I made a duplicate Cherries sign to go into the shop I just joined. (more on that later)
garden shed sign700
Garden sign orders always start increasing at this time of year. 
People are so ready to be outside enjoying their gardens, patios, decks and yards.
I am too.

The sun is shining today and it should be lovely. 
I will share more on my chickies again soon. 
They are growing fast. 
Have a great day!


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Spring In a Teacup

I have been having some fun with the chicks and a vintage tea cup found at a local thrift store. 
My camera refuses to work on Manual so I have had to learn all its auto and special setting features to get the photos I want. 
Being a rainy day we did not have much natural light streaming in the windows.
So I had to work for it.
Miss Chick did a great job of being calm and collected for me. 
Maintaining poses as I photographed her in all her glory.
I found the graniteware pot today at a lovely shop in town and knew it was perfect for staging in some of my photos.
I hope you enjoy this little breath of Spring.
Now I need to get back to painting on my stairs….I finally settled on a design for the next riser.
Yes, I know, it is a bit of a blur but there is no light in this stairway so my camera struggled for the shot.
third stair
Now I have a plan for the treads. 
They will get some design work too but you will have to wait for that. 

Until next time, enjoy your Saturday. 


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