Saturday, March 1, 2014

Spring In a Teacup

I have been having some fun with the chicks and a vintage tea cup found at a local thrift store. 
My camera refuses to work on Manual so I have had to learn all its auto and special setting features to get the photos I want. 
Being a rainy day we did not have much natural light streaming in the windows.
So I had to work for it.
Miss Chick did a great job of being calm and collected for me. 
Maintaining poses as I photographed her in all her glory.
I found the graniteware pot today at a lovely shop in town and knew it was perfect for staging in some of my photos.
I hope you enjoy this little breath of Spring.
Now I need to get back to painting on my stairs….I finally settled on a design for the next riser.
Yes, I know, it is a bit of a blur but there is no light in this stairway so my camera struggled for the shot.
third stair
Now I have a plan for the treads. 
They will get some design work too but you will have to wait for that. 

Until next time, enjoy your Saturday. 



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