Friday, January 28, 2011

I have been FEATURED! My first! And a Gate Sign.

My last post of my Wonderful Studio has been featured at a bunch of blogs!  How fun is that!
  My Fabulous Creative Space!
That was a very nice surprise this morning.  It is gorgeous here in the mountains of N. California.  Mild temps and pure sunshine!  Now the poor folks in the central valley are not so fortunate, they are all socked in with dense fog (so the news says).  Been there, done that!  Yucko!  I do feel for them as I bask in sunny warmth.

Well, after having my morning coffee I went out and fed the chickens, found a spot where a skunk is digging in so I need to get out there with some stones later today to block access.  But first I wanted to share my latest project.  I did say I would get you all photos of the inside of my studio and I have photographed it would send you all into a tizzy!  It is a creative MESS!  I am thinking of entering it on Glitter Done over at
 I certainly qualify for it that is for certain.  But until I get to that here is something I made for my home.  I am always painting signs for folks and needed one for my house.
First off, I purchased four 6' cedar fence boards.  I figured how tall I wanted my address sign and cut them to length.  (I can use the drops for other signs so no waste here!).

Sand, sand, sand, then layout a couple scrap 1 x 4's to fit as cross pieces.  My aim is to have it look like a gate.
Cut them to fit, glue and nail in place. Then comes paint...I thought I would like this blue against the yellow of my house.

But changed my mind, re-sprayed it with white (so the aqua would be as bright as I wanted) then
 I changed it to this. 
This is my first time with the Ultra Cover, I have to say I was impressed. It did a great job!
So after letting it dry I started to lay out my design. (this is inside my studio, my paint table in it's messy glory gives you an idea of the rest of the place)

Another shot of it in progress, added the roses, daisies and blue posies.  Then I painted the address.

Put a coat of varathane spar urethane over it all (water base) and hung it on the corner or our home. The bench below was painted to match.  That is another post entirely. I built the bench as well.

A shot from the street.
A close up.

I have debated on adding our name to the top cross piece.  Just not sure yet...what do you think??
Also I did not care how the ribbon turned out, I can do much better but have yet to figure out what color it should be...another thing to contemplate, one day it will come to me and I will fix it but for now, this is it.
There are a couple of design faux pas here but so be it. Nothing I can't live with!Phew, it took me long enough to get this done as well as the post.  Now I need to go add my studio post to some more link parties.  Seems to be a popular item.
Ta ta for now....Pam more question..should I offer these type signs on my website??  Maybe I better find out how much it would be to ship them, that is the killer...shipping can be so pricey!!

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