Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another Suitcase for You!

As promised here is another suitcase I picked up at a thrift store and painted. I, regrettably, did not take a before shot of them but it is not hard to imagine a couple of plain jane hard sided suitcases
The insides were in very good shape so no need to reline or whatever. I don't know how well the painted design would hold up to the hard knocks they would receive if someone used them on trips that required going on an airplane (those baggage handlers can be killer on luggage) but I painted them with the intention they would be decorative pieces.
I used basically the same techinque as the sage green suitcase.  I lightly sand the suitcase so the paint can adhere better then spray painted on the base coat, on this one the white. I laid out the stripes with painters tape (I have recently found the Frog brand tape and it works great for stuff like this!)

And then spray on the pink.  After letting it dry I give it a very light sand on the areas I am going to hand paint the design.  Canned spray paint and acylics are not always compatible and if the spray paint is too glossy the acrylic craft paints will bead up unless you give it a roughed up surface to cling too. 

Now back I am going back to reading some blog tutorials.  I am trying to figure out how to tidy up my side bar and make a menu bar at top.  But I need to back up this blog first. Knowing me I will erase something vital!
Until next time! Pam (oh yea, I am trying to figure out how to do my signature too)
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  1. oh my gosh! i want to own that suitcase! you did a phenomenal job!!

  2. Wow, sooo beautiful!!!!!!!! Thank you for linking to Masterpiece Monday. Mary :O)

  3. What a great idea, that's beautiful! Darn, wish I could paint...


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