Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Dilemma

af-vioFirst of all, does Blogger change your font size on you?  One minute it looks right and the next it is huge or teeny tiny..I think I may have figured out why but I will test my theory later today and let you know. 

My dilemma is I need to revamp my website, I would like my blog and website to look similar.  I also have been considering changing the platform of my website as the software I have used in the past is outdated and no longer supported by Microsoft, it is Frontpage 2003.  They now have a different one that replaced it but if I have to relearn a new software I am thinking I would rather go to Wordpress.  I would like a website where people can participate right on it.  Maybe they could give me pointers as to what they would like to see, what is annoying to them on the website and so forth and maybe lessen my work of trying to maintain two separate entities. 

My question is…would that be acceptable to readers, having the website and blog on one platform?  Has anyone experienced switching their website to Wordpress and was it difficult?  I will be calling the hosting server I am considering switching to that is recommended for Wordpress to see what is involved before I do it but I was just curious if any of you have tried it.  Is it hard to switch from Blogger to Wordpress for a blog? 

I would appreciate any feedback, opinions etc.  Thank you all…



  1. Hi Pamela! I'm stopping over here from LV's blog... She mentioned your sweet giveaway of the Hen House painting.
    I have had the same thing happen to me with font sizes... I switched to using Georgia font as opposed to Times Roman... It seems to mostly happen with Times. The Georgia font looks very similar only a tad bit larger.
    I have a blog friend that tried to redesign her blog from Wordpress and lost everything. Whatever you do, my {very amateur} advice is to proceed cautiously... export your blog to your hard-drive so if anything happens ~ all will not be lost}

    Good luck! Now I'll visit here a while! I love your sweet cottage!

  2. I agree with Maria. PROCEED WITH CAUTION. Sometimes the reasons that you have for making the change aren't worth going through all the changes.
    I don't know anything about Wordpress. I'm fine with Blogger but I don't have a website and I have not had many problems. Every blog host is going to have it's "This is making me crazy" moments. You just have to decide which is best for you. I personally like it when the blog and website are together.... Makes it easier for the reader.
    Save your blog before you switch. I have heard of folks losing everything because they switched.
    I love your blog look. I would add a picture or icon to your website button just because it will be more noticeable.
    Good luck.

  3. Hi Pamela,

    L.V. left me a comment saying that I would really like you, and she was right, I do!

    I don't like Wordpress. After using Blogger for 2.5 years, I found it very user unfriendly. The website that I was working on was for an association, and finally I just gave up and set it all up on Blogger.

    Do you know about WIX? It is free, and looks pretty cool. I am thinking about using it for our business website, because I really need to redo it anyway. Here is the address:

    I hope this helps. Take care,


  4. I am sorry I am no help in this area. I honestly do not even know what your are talking about. I am sure these ladies advice would be worth taking. I barely know how to do the basics for my blog. You will get it all worked out in time.

  5. sorry, I have no idea,
    to answer your question about the rose, I have no idea!!! I went to this nusery out in the country, where no one speaks english, and bought four of these rose bushes, love them, there was no name on them and I have gone back two years in a row to buy more, and they have never had them, sorry I am no help.

  6. Well,it has thus far this week changed the size of font, margins & taken away my bloggers ... what can I say.

    Happy St. Paddy's Day ~
    Have a wonderful weekend ~
    TTFN ~


  7. Hi Pam !
    I'm so sorry I cannot help you, I'm just a learner in this huge blogging world ! My problem with fonts is that some time ago I changed the font to another one and, depending on the PC, the font appears or not... that's a mistery !
    Anyway, I wish you a happy family Sunday :O)


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