Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It is RAINING! Yippee!

Yes, I am thrilled beyond measure that it is raining today!  Simply because it will melt the snow faster than even sunshine, and for the fact that it is not more snow.   I find as I get older the less and less I enjoy snow, it is just in the way of things I wish to do.  Seeing endless white out my window is so…I don’t know…colorless.   And it does damage to some of my favorite things like my greenhouse.


It is not the weight of the snowfall collecting on the roof that punches out the panels, it is the bombs of snow falling from the tall pines on our neighbors property when the snow begins to come off of the trees.  The panels are not glass but a corrugated plastic material that gives thus the heavy snow bombs ability to do this.  


But it is repairable once this snow is melted down and we can reach the panels again.  On a happier note, yesterday, my mom and I traveled to Davis to purchase some Black Copper Maran chicks.  Once full grown the hens will lay dark brown eggs like these.

Supposedly, the eggs are a bit richer tasting as well, at least that was the opinion of the lady we bought the chicks from. She has a host of breeds to choose eggs from and she says she and her husband always gravitate to the eggs of the Black Copper Maran.  I hope to test this theory myself this coming fall when my chicks are old enough to lay. 

The day was gorgeous.  The sun was shining and warm, in the mid-60s, Sacramento was beautiful and green and the traffic was relatively light.  The drive for us is a little over 2 hours but it was worth it for the scenic drive alone.  We passed fields of onions sprouting, fat and sassy cows grazing on the lush tall grass, the cherry trees are blooming along with nameless (at least I don’t know their names) other trees, all of which were a sight for eyes weary of dirty white (the snow is pretty when it first falls but then gets grungy and dirty from road sand etc).  So the rain is a more than welcome to pour today.  I have corporate taxes I need to buckle down to. YUCK and a sign to paint. 

I want to get photos of the baby chicks to share but they are residing at my mom’s so I will get those soon.
Until next time…


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  1. Well, I can't believe that I'm the first one to post here!

    Those eggs look amazing - I've never seen any even close to that color! I am so jealous, too - I love where I live, but it's (more or less) a city, so chickens are out of the question. (While I'm at it, I might as well be jealous of your sweetie building you that awesome studio ;-) Will enjoy reading about how your chicks progress, instead. :D

    Love your blog, btw. I look forward to reading it.


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