Thursday, March 31, 2011

I am still here…

I promise I have not fallen off the face of the earth.  I have just had my head buried in book keeping.  I am so weary of staring at numbers on a computer screen it feels like my eyeballs are going to fall out. 
It is my own doing…I have neglected to keep my Backwoods Cottage account up to date and now that it is tax time I have to catch up and get all the entries done for the IRS.   A few weeks ago it was for the Corporation accounts, that was a dilly too. 
I would much rather enjoy being outdoors, walking among the flowers planted in abundance at Ironstone Winery.
Kautz 2006 037
Barrels and barrels filled with every imaginable spring bulb, flower and rhizome..
Kautz 2006 038
I love Dutch Iris’, they make such a statement planted in mass. 
They have tulips in every color..
Kautz 2006 041
Kautz 2006 045
Kautz 2006 060
some are multi-colored
Kautz 2006 061
Kautz 2006 047
the hyacinths perfume the air

Kautzflowers 017
more tulips
Kautz 2006 051
Kautzflowers 011
Begonias                                          Azaleas
Kautzflowers 022Kautz 2006 059
Another of dutch iris and some pansies too
Kautz 2006 042Kautzflowers 001
This little show is just a smattering of what you can see walking among the grounds.
I am awaiting the lilacs to begin, there is a trail to walk between a row of numerous varieties, and it is heaven to walk thru and just breathe!
I will, of course, take my camera.  I am too tired to do this justice but I just wanted to pipe in here.  Tomorrow we go to the valley and enjoy the near 80 degree temps, it will feel like summer to me, though it was nice today in the mid-60’s here, melting the snow at a record pace. 
Until we meet again..

Copy_of_001Sweet Shot Day


  1. Such a beautiful post! so many pretty tulips & garden pots! spring is coming! xoxo, Tracie

    ps - would love to have you join my garden party today....?

  2. Ahhh... that's home! I'm from Murphys myself, (I'm currently in Australia, but moving home soon)and I simply love this time of year at Ironstone... or anywhere else in the area!

  3. Delightful flowers, I know what you mean sometimes the necessities of life must come first:)

  4. Oh beautiful-beautiful-it just started on hopefully the last storm of the season-predicted 8-12 inches................:o)

  5. Calling by from Fishtail Cottage as participating in Cottage Flora Thursday and really enjoying meeting everyone else. These beautiful tulips in abundance make my handful look rather lonely.

  6. Very beautiful tulips! Happy soak up the sun day!!! Here from Tootsie's.

  7. I am in tulip heaven. *gorgeous* I am linking over from Flora Thursday.

  8. Beautiful photos. The photo of the white tulips is my favorite.

    My entry.

  9. Wow , gorgeous flowers! I really envy you for being surrounded such beautiful tulips.

  10. It's just a feast for the eyes! Smashing photos ... so much bright vibrant colour. What a great place to wander around!

  11. these are breathtaking! the scents here must be heavenly!

    Today's Flowers

  12. OH lilacs are my favourite, I can't wait till they bloom here. YOu have such beautiful and colourful assortments.

  13. Beautiful shots, and wonderful colours too. I like the cream and red ones they look like Raspberry Ripple ice-cream:)

  14. A wonderful spring array. I know just how you feel about numbers on a screen. I have to do 5 lots of tax statements per annum for our farm as well as two personal ones and I am overdue for one of them!
    I too have trouble gathering my thoughts for posts and comments.
    Loved seeing your bright photos.

  15. aw...this is a sign of spring isn't it? you have gorgeous flowers here. i am picking some of these multi-colored beauties - the whites and burgundy o maroons

    visiting from Today's Flowers: my entry

  16. Wine and flowers. Great combination! The flowers are amazing.


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