Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring at Ironstone

I finally made my annual trek to Ironstone Vineyards to capture some photos of their barrels and barrels of blooming spring bulbs.


The lighting was not optimum as the direct sun can wash out the colors but I take what I can get.  Tomorrow it is to be overcast and would be a better photography day but I have to work on the mountain, which is in the opposite direction.


Close ups are my favorite shot


Barrels and barrels of tulips..


All shapes, colors and sizes…


then there is the oh so fragrant Hyacinths



Crave the Wave…interesting name for this mix…


There are still plenty of daffodils even though many are about finished up for the season.



I seem to gravitate to the fluffy centered ones…


though the regular trumpets are just as pretty.


Walking along the flower lined paths is refreshing to the soul



funny how different the climate and growing season is just 12 miles down the road.  My tulips are just a leaf poking out of the ground at this moment, and my daffodils have yet to bloom but soon they will pop open, if the weather continues the warm spell we are enjoying. 

I hope you enjoyed this little  bit of our tour, there is more to share and I shall.

Have a sunshiny day!


shabby creek cottage

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Rosebud Garden Therapy sign


Well, Spring has sprung and we are having some fine weather.  Not a lick of snow on the ground around my house, which is not the norm for March.  Last year at this time we had just been graced with a fresh foot of the fluffy white stuff. 

Though I am loving the view of dirt as opposed to shoveling snow, I am very aware of the drought situation now facing us this summer. I am already organizing my plan of attack to be able to have my garden grow just fine with less water.

My violas are doing fab, they are the ones I planted in my window boxes and hanging planters last Fall.  They overwinter just fine despite freezing temps and bouts of snow and come back thick and lush at the first hint of Spring.




I would love to buy a nice big flat of violas to plant in my bucket planter, I just have not had the time to visit a nursery or garden center.  I am suffering withdrawals…time for a plant run!

Isn’t this yellow just so yummy looking????  I think it is what caused me to crave lemon meringue pie. So I made two and devoured both in short order.  (well, in a matter of a week or so, and hubby helped)



The ladies and their main man are doing just peachy.  Breakfast buffet. 

Now you see all that straw at their feet, under that is about 12 inches deep of the bestest composted, garden gold just waiting for me to bring my shovel.  I need to get to work! 


They are definitely loving the longer days and the warmth of the sun, they have become egg laying machines. I am now getting a dozen a day in an array of colors.  (don’t mind the grubby tub)




here I start with a teaser of a headline and forget to show you the star of the show.  A fresh from the painting table Garden Therapy sign with sweet pink little rosebuds for a touch of panache. 

This was a special order but I need to do one just for the website too.  I have a few more to share but my eyelids are refusing to stay aloft.



Night all..  sweet flowery dreams!


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rules for a Happy Marriage sign


Good fabulous morning everyone!  Isn’t it a gorgeous day?

Here is my motto for the day…I think I need to make it into a sign.


If feels like Spring is here though I do realize that we have had snow dump on us during Spring break, 3 feet or so of snow. 

This is a photo of my front garden on March 25th, 2011.  Shudder! 

If you want the full story click the photo.


Our ground is bare today and though my garden looks a bit winter weary I can see signs of life popping up, the tulips are about 2 inches out of the ground…

that reminds me, a trip to Ironstone Winery is in order.  I am sure their barrels are teeming with gorgeousness just waiting for me to come enjoy and photograph. 

Today I must work on the mountain and get a few condos cleaned but I would rather be painting and working on cleaning up my gardens. Though once I am there I do enjoy the beauty that surrounds me, the mountain peaks are still frosted with snow and on a sunny day it is a lovely sight to behold.

Yesterday I let my hens free range my yard and though one strawberry bed has been decimated (I did not think they would come to the front garden, my mistake) they had a great time gobbling up the wormy goodness they scratched up.

Who me?  I’m not hurting your strawberries..


I spent my day, as they wandered, scratched and debugged, wrapping signs to ship, painting on a few others and tidying my studio a bit.  While moving stuff around I found a nest of those nasty black and brown spiders like the one that bit me.  Eeeeuw.

Now spiders in general do not bother me but they do not belong in my studio and now I am merciless in wiping them out since one had the temerity to climb up and bite my face a couple weeks ago. Needless to say they are gone for now.

This is the sign I worked yesterday.  I can’t wait to make one with our name on it and wedding date for the customized sample for the website.  This sign is a good size, 24” x 11.25” 

Marriage rules

This one too is a new one, I am working on a second already that has a rose motif (go figure).  This is a large sign, 22” x 22”, I need to photograph them in a set up that gives perspective.  I am working on that. 


Okay, enough of my babbling this morning, I need to get my fandango moving, pack my lunch and head for the hills. 

Check back, I have more signs I got painted up this week!  Just a painting fool.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Spring Welcome sign with Tulips

The weather here has been anything but Spring like but I have been painting my Spring.  My actual tulips are barely peeking out of the ground so I have I enjoyed painting them instead.


This sign is a special order but what is better than one Tulip sign??
How about two.

I made an extra to add to the website in case someone else would like one too.  I will most likely add it tomorrow so check back if you don’t see it online yet.


Another special order sign on my work table is a Vintage inspired sign I have made a few of and though each is a little different as anything hand made is, I do have fun with them.

It is still a work in process…


 I did have a sweet little treat when I went to the studio…this guy was blooming..


It is my Raspberry ripple Pelargonium I grew from seed, a bit of Spring on a rainy, drippy day.

The weather report for next week looks definitely Spring like and I intend to enjoy it to the full.  Work on the mountain is slowing down but it looks like other work will be picking up.  Which is good but it will mean a trip to Stockholm, Sweden.  Know any good places to visit there?

We shall see if it pans out.  If not, it was a nice thought. Smile

 I will be back with the finished Cherries sign and another for your viewing enjoyment. 

Ta ta…

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Square in Square Baby Quilt

A gorgeous day here in the mountains.  Bright, warm sunshine pours in to the studio as I paint up a special order sign.  This one is all Spring, with pastel tulips, it has been a while since I painted tulips so this should be more than fun!  I will share soon, I promise.
Today I really wanted to share a new quilt my SIL has hand stitched.  She is a true artist with a sewing machine and her love of quilt making shines through in her work.  I am still working on a gallery of her past projects so everyone can get an idea of what she can make and maybe get an idea for a custom quilt they may want her to make for that someone special. 
Modern Boy draped over chair 2.2013

I love the colors in this quilt, it screams vintage to me though the fabrics and materials are all new.

Modern Boy full front 2.2013

Even the back is lovely.

Modern Boy full back 2.2013

The binding frames it so well.

Modern Boy close-up of quilting and binding 2.2013

Sigh, one day I will have to commission her to make me a quilt.  I can sew and I can quilt but I just don’t seem to have the same eye as she does for putting fabrics together. 

On another note, I have a dresser I am wanting to paint.  I use it in my sewing room to store my fabrics, notions and patterns.

Here it is as it looks now.


And here is my inspiration piece….what do you think?  Think mine will look good painted like this?

Courtesy of The Gunny Sack

I hope everyone is having a great day!   I am enjoying being in my studio and painting away! 

Happy Friday!


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