Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Spring Welcome sign with Tulips

The weather here has been anything but Spring like but I have been painting my Spring.  My actual tulips are barely peeking out of the ground so I have I enjoyed painting them instead.


This sign is a special order but what is better than one Tulip sign??
How about two.

I made an extra to add to the website in case someone else would like one too.  I will most likely add it tomorrow so check back if you don’t see it online yet.


Another special order sign on my work table is a Vintage inspired sign I have made a few of and though each is a little different as anything hand made is, I do have fun with them.

It is still a work in process…


 I did have a sweet little treat when I went to the studio…this guy was blooming..


It is my Raspberry ripple Pelargonium I grew from seed, a bit of Spring on a rainy, drippy day.

The weather report for next week looks definitely Spring like and I intend to enjoy it to the full.  Work on the mountain is slowing down but it looks like other work will be picking up.  Which is good but it will mean a trip to Stockholm, Sweden.  Know any good places to visit there?

We shall see if it pans out.  If not, it was a nice thought. Smile

 I will be back with the finished Cherries sign and another for your viewing enjoyment. 

Ta ta…

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