Saturday, August 31, 2013

Make an Easy Obelisk 2

Are you DIY garden gurus ready for another version of my easy to build wooden Obelisk??

easy garden obelisk 1

The purple clashed in my garden and I did not have enough to finish it off

~if you look real close you can see bare wood in spots~

So I transformed it with more cans of left over paint in my stash

then plopped it in the garden..

obelisk with morning glories

Where the self seeded morning glories promptly found it and wound their way to the top..

(in there somewhere is the cucumbers I had planted to twine up and I have even picked my very first cuke)

Now for a new version…


green garden obelisk

Don’t ya just love that apple green. 

I spotted an obelisk on a Better Homes and Gardens site and voila’ our second obelisk idea was born.

Since the basics are the same as our original obelisk I am not going to bore you with all the details but I will show you some photos of how he did the X pieces.

Note to make the X you put one half of the X on the outside of the frame…

green obelisk 1

and the other goes on the inside. 

green make a garden obelisk

green obelisk 3

green obelisk 4

And that is it….for a rough sketch of the original obelisk with measurements go here.

And once you are done you have this..

build a wood obelisk

You can see the beginning of my Garden Room in the background, stop on over at that post to see the finished walls.


Do you think I should paint the first one green too? 

They will be in the same garden.


Happy end of Summer gardening. 

There is still a few weeks left of fine weather to be enjoyed before real chilly weather descends. 

(I hope)

Until next time…



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  1. Love your obelisks! I like the green! Such a pretty addition to your garden!

  2. WOW - they're GORGEOUS !!!
    What great statement pieces for the garden

  3. These are cool, and the vines look great trailing up there..and I do like the apple green.. I can't help notice your beautiful home front...looks like a beauty and something I've long wanted to live old is your home?

  4. I love the apple green - it looks great. So glad that you can use your patio now that you have that great fence up.
    Your so lucky to have such a handy husband. Hopefully you will be able to enjoy your garden for weeks to come. I am so ready for Fall.

  5. I looked on the back of my silverware and there was nothing stamped on them but I think they were by Pfaltzgraff.
    I did purchase them at Marshal's. If I find some will let you know.


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