Monday, August 12, 2013

Some Family Time

How is your weekend going? 

I started mine out in the garden. 

That is a very good thing.

nuteroseaug 10

I admired my Grandpa Nute rose that just keeps on blooming. 

It even greets me as I descend the stairs.


The sweet scent of Oriental lilies fills the cool morning air…

white lily aug 10

and makes the garden walk even more delightful.

side yard aug 10

The garden is still producing a fabulous show..

and is even better when you get up close and personal.

Nearly Wild


Princess Diana

princess diana

Echinacea with some fading Delphiniums.


I only had a wee bit of time to enjoy the garden.

We had a date…

A date with a couple little boys. build Dusty the plane.

Uncle Dave is the best plane builder.

Is that a happy face….

or what.

favorite uncle

Dad was helping Jackson…

who took a quick second to give his Auntie Pam a smile.


Benjamin kept Auntie Pam company.

He wore his special shirt just for me.


Has anyone else seen ‘Planes’? 

We really enjoyed it, even more than Cars.

After some shopping and then a late lunch we headed on home…

with these.


More on that later, I already love how this project is turning out.

I promise to share, not sure when but I will. Smile


Until next time…


1 comment:

  1. Your garden is stunning. Isn't it great to get up early and go out in the garden when everything is so still and look at the flowers and here the birds.
    Your boys are darling - looks like they are having fun making their planes.
    Have a wonderful week. Stop by my blog and see my garden.


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