Friday, August 23, 2013

August Flowers in a Smoky Garden

Good Morning.   Everyone up?

We woke to acrid, throat burning, eye stinging forest fire smoke this morning.

Anne Boleyn Rose

anne boelyn rose 

Actually, we have gotten up to thick smoke most mornings this week. 

The Rim Fire is wreaking havoc in Tuolumne county. 

So sad, the little historic town of Groveland is now under evacuation.

Candy Cane Rose

candy rose

And the fire is only 8 miles from Tuolumne, a quaint historic logging town.


Demitasse rose

So, being that a bit of smoke is no comparison to an entire town full of family homes, lovely historic places and farm animals being obliterated….

I won’t complain of it.

I will just just share some of my garden photos I have been snapping every morning this week before rushing off to work.

Graham Thomas

Graham Thomas rose

Though I have been neglectful of my garden this summer through no fault of my own…

it has still flourished and is rewarding me with the most delicious roses.

Happy Chappy rose

Happy Chappy rose

And tons of them…

                                                               spilling over rock walls,

Petal Pusher rose

Petal Pusher roses

Arching up and over arbors…

Tess D Ubervilles rose

Tess D'Urbervilles

Tess D'Ubervilles rose

And soon to climb our easy to build Obelisks

obelisk with morning glories

We have a new version of this Obelisk I will share soon,

very soon…

Funny thing is, I put that obelisk out there for my cucumbers to climb, and the Morning Glories took over.

There are cucumbers in there though and I saw a tiny little cucumber on one plant last night. 

That reminds me, I need to go put the soaker hose out there today.  They need some water.


I will leave you with one last rose, always a favorite of mine..

Queen Elizabeth rose

queen elizabeth rose

Now off to work I go.  

It has been crazy busy on the mountain, even with the choking smoke and sooty afternoon thundershowers.

All of us that have been up there during the storms have vehicles covered in grey crusty mud from the raindrops collecting the ash in the air and depositing it on us in thick gloppy drops. 

On that cheery note…

Ta Ta…and have a clear air day, wherever you may be!



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