Saturday, August 10, 2013

Build Your Own Crafting Cottage or Garden Shed

Do you have Happy Place? 
If not…
Got a spot in the back yard??? 
Build yourself one….

My husband and I built this lovely little cottage together and my brother in law helped too in setting it up on site.
If you wish to see this being built, click on title below
My Fabulous Creative Space!
It has been my favorite place to get away to ever since it was built in 2005, even when it looks like a tornado has struck inside.
(like now)
It has weathered all sorts of trials and tribulations..
From frigid snow…and lots of it..
to Trees taken down around it and one large log nipping the roof’s edge
And my jungle of a garden trying to over take it…
studio late July1
When we first set it up there was nothing much around it but the tall, tall trees..
brandspankin new
What a difference the years have made.
Did you believe me when I said it looks like a tornado whipped thru???
I guess a picture is worth a thousand words…
okay here gooooooes…
I’d wager you did not expect THIS!
I confess, I need an intervention.
Actually, what I really need is a full week at home with no one calling me needing me to do something else.
Today I will be working in here, though I cannot spend the time needed to tidy it up. 
I have a boat load of orders I must get filled and I only have today and tomorrow off and tomorrow is filled with other responsibilities.
So today I must paint and ignore the mess,
once again. 
Soon I plan to have a post ready of this looking spic and span. 
(but then I have had that plan all summer long)

Even when it is buried in clutter my little cottage/studio is still one of my favorite places to be.

I have included to plans to build yourself one. 
To find plans to build yourself a cottage just like this CLICK HERE

If you build one, I would love for you to share your photos with me. 
Off I go, to paint and create. 
Until next time…


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  1. Crafting cottages are always great things to have in a backyard. Sometimes, though, you wouldn't have to build them. Great ones are available on markets out there, that are not only durable and strong, but are actually portable (!). So that's any backyard or area that these can be great things for.

    Anthony @ Classic Building Sales


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