Friday, March 18, 2011

Sprouts, Peeps and Snow!

Early this morning as I walked to my hen house with scrap bucket in hand I enjoyed the sweet spring song of the birds. It was bittersweet knowing that a storm was rolling in, more snow was predicted. Sigh!
After tossing the scraps to the hens and collecting the eggs I grabbed my camera to photograph the wee bit of spring about to be buried again. 
Budding roses
Tulips braving the chill
And larkspur that self seeded into the potted roses
I worried about my greenhouse facing another onslaught of snow and wonder if the roof will hold enough to protect all my freshly started seeds.
And then a spirit lifting surprise…a sprout from the little seeds I potted up only yesterday!
It is tiny but it is there!  On that happy note I put my camera away and went to work.  I had signs to paint.  I finished an order…
and shipped the winner of my sign giveaway her choice..

I went to visit the chicks to see how they are filling out.
They have fairly doubled in size and are mostly feathered out. It was hard to get a decent shot.   As I headed home from mom’s (where the chicks are residing at present) it began to snow.  This is winter’s last hurrah, or so I keep telling myself.  It has been snowing for about 4 hours now and we have at least a foot already.  Oh well before we know it the sun will shine daily and the garden will be in full bloom.  I will spend my day tomorrow trying to catch up on sign orders. 
Enjoy your evening…


  1. I love the little sprout in the cup. It really wants to grow up doesn't it!

    The chicks are adorable. My sister in Alaska has a little chicken coop.I used to love when she sent a video of the baby chicks learning to scratch the ground. One of the chicks used to follow my little niece around and it used to love being pushed inside of a wheelbarrow!

    Love larkspurs. I always get them confused with snapdragons. They are both really pretty flowers.

    Hoping this will be your last snow fall and that Spring will push Old man Winter away

    Have a great weekend dear!
    Deanna :D

  2. I can't believe that little seed sprouted in one day. Now I'm going to really have to try your "seeds in the refrigerator" trick.
    Wonderful photos....

  3. I love Spring, I wish it would stay spring all year:)

  4. Our roses seem to be at about the same stage. That little seed sprouted quick. For sure going to have to try the fridge idea. Have a great weekend!


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