Saturday, March 19, 2011

A difference a day makes!

Good morning to you!  Are you all enjoying fine spring weather?  We were….but, this morning we woke up to the return of winter…
What a difference in less that 24 hours.  And it is still snowing.  Instead of dwelling upon all this ghastly white stuff surrounding me, I am going to focus on my faux spring in the greenhouse. 
Some pansies I have potted up into 4 inch pots and residing in the greenhouse for now. They sure smell pretty as you walk in.
Virginia Stock seedlings…these smell so lovely in bloom and are very easy to start from seeds!
These are so teeny tiny you really have to squint but it is a ruby lobelia.  My first time with this one but my blue lobelias have done great from seeds and thought this one would be a pretty addition.
And so far the greenhouse is holding up.  If you remember yesterdays photo…
Little flakes are drifting in this big ol crack you see but for the most part everything is doing fine.
I need to get things done that require electricity as we have been warned that it is most likely we shall lose it.  Ta ta,
Wilted rosesignaturePamelaWilted rose


  1. I miss the snow. We lived in Volcano for three years and we got lots of snow up there. Now, near Jackson, we don't get very much. We have surprises once in a while. When you were getting a lot of snow last night, we got HUGE snowflakes that hit the ground and disappeared, but they were beautiful.
    Enjoy the snow. It's losing the battle with Spring, but it sure makes for a beautiful photo shoot.

  2. Too me it looks so pretty, but then I have never lived with it:)

  3. You, too? We woke up to snow today as well. Ah, well. That means more moisture - always grateful for more water out west!

    Thanks for linking up to the Barn Hop!


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