Monday, April 23, 2012

It’s a Monday.

Just a quick check in here.  I needed a break so I am sitting here with a cool ice tea. 

I have several special order signs I am working on.  I usually work on a few at a time.  When I have to wait for maybe the base paint to dry on one I can work on the lettering of another.
Here is the Red Rose painting sign in progress, it is painted on a cabinet door.  The sun was shining on part of it but I was in a hurry to send it to the customer and get some feedback.


Red roses are particularly difficult with my style of painting as I normally highlight with white and when you do that on red you end up with pink roses instead of red.  But I had a brainstorm and figured out another method which was rather a ‘duh’ moment once the light bulb clicked on.

A close up of the roses..


The other sign is pink roses with a creamy crackled background.  The customer on this one change her mind on size so this one will go up on my website.  It is 15” x 15” and I will leave it as is, then whomever orders it can put what wording they wish over Cottage. 


This one will say “Paradise” and go over a doorway.


I also have some geranium signs that have been ordered but I am just getting those base painted.  I will share them as soon as there is something other than bare paint to see.
Back to painting for me!

My Uncommon Slice of Suburbiashabby creek cottage


  1. What a God-given talent you have!! Those are absolutely beautiful! My favorites, of course, are the pink roses.

  2. I really like this name plate. Its design is awesome and also fantastic. Thank you for sharing this post . In this name plate looking beautiful flowers.

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  3. wow! these look great! those roses are so intricate! thanks for linking them up to tip-toe thru tuesday! we hope to see you back again this week!

  4. Your painting is amazing! What did you end up using on your red to highlight, by the way? Stopping by from tip toe thru tuesday as well... the Co host! Really hoping to have you stop by and link up again! I am following!


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