Monday, January 17, 2011

We made it to Idaho!

We made it to Idaho.  The drive yesterday was in all sorts of weather.  We started in clear skies, drove thru Sacramento up 80 thru grey fog.  The cloudy skies through the Nevada desert painted the wind whipped hills a faded lavender which was actually quite breathtaking,  but it was not long until we hit rain.  Relentless, steady rain.  I tried not to think of the sunny warm skies at home that I was leaving.   On a more positive note, I actually got to read, a fun, frivolous book, I love it when I can just sink myself into a story and read it through, guilt free.  At home I am always thinking I should be doing something productive instead of sitting and reading.   We are here in Idaho, safe and sound.  The house here has sat empty for a couple months and the mice thought it a nice place to I spent the first few hours here cleaning.  We shall be here a week then back to Calif. 
A project I wanted to share was a couple suitcases I refurbished.  I only have the photos of one of them resized like I wish so I will post the other later on...
I found this hardsided suitcase at a thrift store for a couple bucks.  Made sure it was clean and scuffed it a bit with a light grit sandpaper. Just lightly.   I spray painted a coat of sage green.
I masked off the stripes and spray painted the white. I used the reverse stencil for the oval in the center. I cut out an oval of paper and taped it to the center before spraying on the white.

I painted on the roses after the base coats dried.  Each side has a little variation in design.


This was a lot of fun to do.  More to come....stay tuned!
Ta ta, pamela

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