Saturday, March 15, 2014

Happy Friday! And a bit of randomness

Yes, I know it is really Saturday but I actually did start this yesterday. 
Why is it that you run out of time before you run out of things you wish to accomplish in a day?
I have to look back and check on what I did accomplish to feel I have not wasted all my time.
1. I started to get my plant racks set up in the greenhouse with my Christmas cord light ready as to heat the bottoms.
(I am only a few weeks late getting my seeds started!)
And this is as far as I have gotten.
If you want to read any of my seed starting tricks just click here

plant rack
2. I have also taken a current photo of the chicks for those that want to follow their progress.
I put the teacup in with them so you can get some perspective of how they have grown since this was taken.
That was two weeks ago and now….
They are in the brooder out in the chicken pen.
One is definitely showing signs of being a Rooster.
Can you pick him out in the crowd?
chicks march 14700
I have mentioned before that I joined an artisans co-op here in Arnold.
I have been having fun stocking my signs in it and enjoying meeting all the other talented artists.
I made some tags and gussied them up with a spray of flowers, I need to make up a business card.
That was on my list for this week too and has yet to come to be.
And last but not least some signs I have worked on this week.
I had to take this shot with the sign laying down as the frame had just been waxed and was not dry yet.
Somehow I smeared the red on this cherries sign.
I am not sure to leave it as it is and call it character or try to fix it. 
It has already been waxed so fixing it will be tricky.

Maybe I can go over it with a dark wax for an aging effect and it would help it to blend in.
hmmm….that is an idea.
The gal that ordered the Garden Shed sign last week decided she needed another.
Easy enough.
Thankfully I had already base painted a duplicate to make another.

garden shed 700
And that is a bit of my week in a nutshell.
I had twisted my lower back earlier in the week and sent myself into spasms.
That has been no fun.
But I have to look at the bright side.
Instead of being able to bend over I have had to do squats and my thighs have had the workout of their life.
Now they hurt too.
They must’ve needed the workout.
I now moan and grown my way through the day as most movement brings pain somewhere on my body.
It merely slows me down, I keep on truckin’.


Have a tremendous weekend.
It is going to be beautiful here.
Close to 70 for a high temp.
Woo hoo!



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  1. Seems like a lot of exciting things going on around you:) Hope you feel much better by now... and, Moaning and Groaning have left and said their goodbyes:)


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