Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Inspiration, Forget the Days Troubles

I know this is easier said than done. 
Last week it felt like I had lost my soul.
My inner joie de vivre was gone…
well maybe that is the wrong term,
joie de vivre can mean careless joy…
a better word would be ebullience which is more enthusiasm for life despite your cares.
But over the weekend I was able to hit “reset” and though the cares that stole my joy have not disappeared I can see thru the gloom they present to a brighter day.
That is a very good thing.
So today will be sunny and bright despite the grey skies and dismal drizzle.
I will bury myself in tax paperwork…
and feel grateful that I have income to report instead of grumbling over the pain in the pattoot paper trail and number crunching I must do to get thru not only our personal taxes but the business ones too. 
And if you hear me screaming, it means I discovered we owed way more than I figured.
Happy Monday to you all and I wish you Ebullience!
oh,one more thing…

I read an article on blogging and writing posts etc and the author claimed that readers do not want you to use anything but simple words and terms.
She was saying that I need to dumb it down for you to enjoy it.
I have given you more credit than that but I am not always correct in my thinking.
Do you need it dumbed down?
I just thought I would ask.

See you next time when I may having something more eloquent to say.



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