Saturday, November 30, 2013

How to Paint an Easy Simple Daisy

How to Paint a Pretty Daisy
This week I have been crazy busy…
                                                                         …..and it is only TUESDAY!!!
The only thing keeping me sane is I found a way to watch Season 2 of The Paradise online.
(it is only being shown in the UK right now)
I am crazy addicted.I even created a ringtone for my iPhone from the theme song.
Between my cleaning work,(vacationers are checking in)keeping up with custom signs orders(people are buying gifts, ya know)and trying to be supportive of my harried husband who is also trying to fulfill an order whose timeline was just shortened by 2 weeks……
well, lets just say the days are over packed and a bit nerve wracking!
But I still do have a new painting tutorial for you. 
You can even make your own custom wrapping paper.I showed how it could look on plain brown paper.
paint a daisy on gift
And if you want a bit more shimmer, try metallic paints.
(I did the 5 petal easy flowers on this one, I showed you how to do them in this post  CLICK HERE)
shimmery blue flowers
To view the rest of this post CLICK HERE

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