Monday, October 3, 2011

A Lazy Sunday.

this was written Sunday, Oct 2

My DSL has been fritzy all day, something wrong with our phone line.  There is a lot of static on the line when you make a call and the DSL goes in and out, mostly Out.

So, thank goodness for Live Writer.  I can still do a blog post and just save it for later.

The temps have dropped enough to have a fire in the morning to break the chill in the house. 

I rather enjoy sitting by the cozy fire with my coffee in the morning, not as much as touring my garden at first light in summer but it is a close second.  Now that it is dark until nearly 7am I sit by the fire, sip my hot coffee, read my emails, check up on a few blogs I enjoy and play a couple hands of email scrabble.  (my one weakness)

I do tour my garden still, when I finally get out the door in the morning to feed my chickens.  I have another hibiscus trying to bloom and I am can’t wait for it it open fully.  Just the buds are fabulous and I can tell I am going to love this pink.


I am finally getting a few Brandywines tomatoes to ripen, I doubt I will get many but the one I have had the privilege to eat last night was delish!  They certainly have a superior flavor.  


I know it is hard to tell in these photos but these are nearly as big as a large grapefruit.  I really should’ve photographed the one I had for dinner, I could barely fit it on my hand.   I ate it still warm from the late afternoon sun. 


The morning glories are slowing down but now I have a million seeds.  I should collect as many as I can or they will be taking over the back yard next year.  What the blue jays do not snap up and bury everywhere. 

They are the culprits that put these seeds here.  My only morning glory plants were a good 30 feet away by the greenhouse.  I know it was the blue jays as I kept seeing them last Fall poking stuff into the ground all along this area, I wondered what they were up to.   Only when I had quite a few morning glory plants start popping up all along this area did figure it out.


Though I felt like a slug all day I did manage to get some things moved into a more protected area, we are expecting some rainfall this coming week, it is to be measurable so I needed to get things put away.  I had some wooden bookcases outside (I need to paint them), some tools  and some scrap wood I want to use for a future project that needed putting away.

I had some signs to prepare for shipping and I while I was in the studio I did slap a bit of paint on one bookcase we shoved in.  It takes up quite a bit of space but I will just have to work around it as I paint it.  I may use it to display some of my painted items and signs in a local art/gift shop that specializes in local artist’s offerings.

 I need to wrap my brain around how to best display everything and talk with the shopkeeper to see what she thinks about using my potting bench as I staging area and these bookcases.  They would need securing to a wall or something, they are quite tall but they would be great for placing items on.  

This past year I have discovered a paint I love using.  It has great coverage, applies beautifully and looks great but what has me really sold is no fumes. 


Benjamin Moore Natura brand.  I can work with this in my studio all day and there are no stinky fumes to make your head swim and throat hurt.  Zero VOC’s.  

My studio is rather compact, 12’ x 12’ and well insulated.  In the winter the doors and windows are shut tight against the cold so having a paint that does not choke me is important. 

I base paint my signs with it and now I am trying it out on some furniture pieces.  It is more expensive than regular latex, I pay about $18 a quart but it is well worth it to me to be able to breathe and not have toxic fumes knocking me over.

Until next time.. tomorrow is another beautiful day. 


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  1. The Hibiscus bud is beautiful. I covet your Morning Glories!

    Susan and Bentley


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